Taking up the #YesChallenge and my journey to be a #YesMom

Taking up the #YesChallenge
Taking up the #YesChallenge

Mumma, can I have an ice cream today? No!
Mumma, I want to climb up on that swing. No, baby it’s too high.
Mumma, I will cut this paper on my own. No, Hiya… you won’t be able to!
Mumma, I want to… No!
Mumma…I. Hiya! No!

Is this a common scene in your home? You are not alone. This is a usual scene at my home too. In fact, as parents, I’m sure most of us use the word, ‘No’ more than any other in our vocabulary. But what else do we do to keep a tab on our little devils?! We say ‘No’ to protect them against so many dangers that they don’t even know about or in many cases willfully ignore!

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Review: Goodknight Mosquito Repellent Patches & Fabric Roll-On

Goodknight Roll-On & Patches
Goodknight Roll-On & Patches

Ever since I can remember, every time that I have thought of a solution to driving away mosquitoes – Goodknight is what has always come to mind. Over the years, Goodknight products have become synonymous to mosquito repellents in our homes. From the good old mats to their signature liquid vapouriser machines, I have used them all. Naturally, I have been itching to check out their new range of repellents that provide protection outdoors (pun not intended!).

Here’s my experience on Goodknight Patches & Fabric Roll-On, hope it helps!

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Paddington! Our fav bear is back!


My love for movies is no secret. I watch many, love some of them and there are a few that tug at my heartstrings.  And Paddington – the charming story of a cute talking bear happily sits in the last category.

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Diwali Spl: 5 Easy Rangoli designs to make with kids


Our favourite season is on! No I’m not talking about the onset of winters but the season of festivals, when revelry is in the air and love and warmth just takes you over from all corners. From sharing gifts to decorating your home and welcoming guests… there’s so much happening all around. When it comes to decorating the home during festivals, Rangoli is my favourite. With Baby H around,   I am not too sure if I’ll be able to pull off an elaborate design, but hey, I can always look out for  Rangoli designs in which even she can help me.

So, here’s are a few easy Rangoli designs that you can make with your kids…

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5 Things I do before stepping out with my kid

5 things I do before stepping out with my kid
5 things I do before stepping out with my kid

Whether it was circling around the society compound plopped in a pram at 6 months or our walk to the vegetable market when she was 2, our everyday play-time in the park at 4 or for that matter our lovely holidays – exploring outdoors has been an important part of my 4 year old’s growing up.  It surprises me how every step out of the home triggers her curiosity and fills her with new observations. I’m sure even you must have experienced this. That’s what the world outside the four walls does to young minds.

A complete fan of the adage – there’s no such thing as bad weather but inappropriate clothing, for us, enjoying outdoors is all about gearing up right. There’s no fun in letting ill-planning dampen our joy. So, from right clothes and shoes to taking the right precautions ensuring as much safety as I can, I try do it all.

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