5 Practical things that every mom should buy before the baby’s arrival

5 Things You Must Buy Before Baby's Arrival
5 Things You Must Buy Before Baby’s Arrival

Those blue lines on that pregnancy kit are a kick starter to many new things…a new journey, new emotions, new experiences and of course new advice. Be it fellow moms, experienced elders or those enticing promotions shouting out of just about everything giving you suggestions about what to buy and how to gear up for the arrival of your bundle of joy may be helpful but overwhelming as well. If you too are confused about what to buy to prepare yourself for the new arrival, here’s the most practical list of things that you should pick up while everything else can wait…

1. A Nursing Pillow: Your mother may not consider it to be an immediate necessity but when nursing your baby, a nursing pillow obviously is the most important buy. A good quality nursing pillow not only helps your baby latch on but will also give you the right posture while feeding. In the absence of which, you may strain your neck and back.

2. A Diaper Bag: A good diaper bag is a new mom’s treasure trove and you will realize this as soon as you step out of the hospital. So, better buy one in time. The new-age diaper bags offer a lot of space to hold not just your baby’s essentials, but even yours. They are machine washable and a few of them also come equipped with bottle insulators to keep the bottles warm. So, make sure you make the right pick.

3. Cloth Diapers: Ditch the regular diapers for cloth diapers, which are more absorbent, long-lasting, easily-washable and cost-effective. With cloth diapers hugging your baby just right, you will never have to worry about allergies, rashes and leakages associated with traditional disposable diapers.

4. Baby Wipes: A Rajinikant for new moms! Sounds funny but it’s true. Keep a pack of good quality baby wipes (preferably organic) and you won’t have to worry about all those spills, spoils, drools, burps and a lot more!

5. Mosquito Repellents: The importance of keeping mosquitoes away from your baby can’t be stated enough. However the question is how to keep your baby protected on the go using mosquito repellents that are child-safe? Here’s how. Keep your little angel guarded against those pesky mosquitoes with Goodknight Patches and GoodknightFabric Roll-On. Made with 100% natural ingredients such as citronella and eucalyptus oils, these products are absolutely safe for your bundle of joy as they create a barrier against mosquitoes since they are to be applied on clothes. These are paediatrician certified and provide 8 hours of mosquito protection.

Let me know what your list includes!

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