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Quick & Easy DIY Gifts for Father’s Day


A dad and daughter’s love story is unique, special and out of this world. I’m not saying this out of warmth or awe but out of sheer jealousy, because a love-story like this is thriving in my home and I am a victim of the same. If you too have a dad-daughter duo in your family, you would totally relate to the feeling ignored by this duo that will enjoy life in each other’s company – totally oblivious to your existence!  

Jokes apart, I am actually in awe of the bond my girl shares with her dad. And to celebrate this love, we will be making a cutesy gift for daddy dearest this Father’s Day. If you are also looking for some ideas….here are some cool Father’s Day gifts that you ca n make together. Continue reading Quick & Easy DIY Gifts for Father’s Day

4 Year old explains the real reason behind ‘bidai’ at Indian weddings

reason behind bidai

Last week we attended a wedding at Mysore. A unique multi-cultural wedding where the groom was Sikh and the bride hailed from a Kannadiga family – a matrimony of not just two people but of two states, two cultures and two ideologies! And it was fun!

It was a treat to watch the two families accept each other with hearts wide open. The Pagri cland groom happily adorned the silk Panche (a garment wore on lower body in South India), while the bride all dolled-up in a Kanjeevaram saree happily flaunted her Choora (a stack of traditional red and white bangles worn by the Punjabis). And together they took the Saptapadi at a temple followed by Anant Karaj at a Gurudwara. Love triumphed yet again! Yay!


While the entire clan was enjoying the celebrations, H had some observations, particularly about the concept of ‘Bidai’ (The ritual where the bride leaves her maternal home to go to the groom’s house.) My four year old couldn’t fathom why this bunch of happy souls including the pretty bride was suddenly shedding tears!

I tried to explain but she had some serious logic!

H: Mumma, why are you crying? Why is Boo (That’s how she addresses her Bua – father’s sister) crying? Why is everyone crying? (A deluge of queries that I couldn’t avoid answering after a certain point.)
Me: Because, Boo is going.
H: But you don’t cry when I go to school!
Me: You come back in the afternoon.
H: Boo will also come. She has a car. Don’t cry, you are a big girl.
Me: (In my mind) She has a point.
H to Papa: (Certainly not convinced with my answer) Where is Boo going and why is everyone crying?
Papa: She is going to her new home.
H: Everyone has a home. I have a home. Ajji has a home. Asha Ajji has a home. Masi has a home. Then why is everyone crying for her home. Bad manners, Papa!
Again she had a point!
At this juncture one of the ladies in the family jumped in with the big daddy of all reasons. “Boo is crying because she is leaving her Papa. You will also have to leave your Papa and go one day.”
H: (Almost losing it by now.) My Papa is the best, I will not leave him! Boo’s Papa must be naughty!

Oblivious to the ramblings of the big world my curious kid managed to bring back smiles on our faces with her fun conclusion to Bidai. And I left discussing the serious marriage business with H for some other day. For now, let’s blame the naughty papas 😉

Bidai happnens because Papas are naughty!  Wish life was as simple as she thinks it to be.

Christmas Events in Mumbai for Kids

Christmas Events for Kids in Mumbai
Christmas Events for Kids in Mumbai

Ho Ho Ho! Santa is coming to town! It’s time to make merry and join the revelry as Santa’s helpers paint the town red. If you still don’t know where to take your kid this Christmas, here are some cool parties happening in Mumbai! Buy your tickets now and thank us later!

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Our Halloween Party for Kids in 10 photos

Spook-tacular Halloween Party in 10 Photos
Spook-tacular Halloween Party in 10 Photos

Most of us in India are in Diwali mode, so are we with our rangoli, sweets and diyas in place. Incidentally, this year the festival of lights is coinciding with Halloween, so we thought to have some spook-tacular fun with kids with our very first Halloween themed play date! With some Pinterest inspiration and lots of imagination, we were all set to welcome kids dressed in myriad Halloween costumes: witches and Goblins for some Tricks & Treats.

Here are some pictures from our bash that may inspire you to host your own Halloween party! Continue reading Our Halloween Party for Kids in 10 photos

10 DIY Gifts for grandparents

grandmas If I could, I would throw in some extra cherries and lots of sprinkles too, while differentiating grandparents from parents. That’s what grandparents are! Extra special people who bring everything extra in the lives of their grandkids – care, love, kisses, hugs and all the mush!  

It was H’s granny’s (Nani) birthday yesterday. What a day to come into this world – International Women’s Day. H is usually excited about birthdays but since it was Nani’s first birthday with us, we were extra-excited! Obviously, she didn’t want anything grand so we limited it to a visit to her favourite place – Nariman Point, from where she could see the vast expanse of the Arabian Sea followed by a dinner. Besides bonding over stories, terrace-time, eating and naps etc, both H and Nani share a crazy love for water. Their eyes brighten up at the sight of the blue. While H wishes to become a Dolphin at the thought of the ocean, Nani can spend every evening near the sea shore, watching the waves and enjoying the cool breeze.

However, I wanted to do something special for our special woman, which also includes H. Here’s what her Birthday morning began with – her favourite girl and her favourite words – “I Love Nani.” The gift was easy to make, not expensive at all but very very very special. It went straight on Nani’s bedroom wall!

If you too are looking out for some cutesy gift ideas for grandparents, we have a list. Make your pick and make them feel extra special. After all, they are the best!

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