Your complete guide to Dengue Fever: Causes, Symptoms & Precautions


With monsoon already knocking at our doors, many parents will lose sleep over the impending danger of mosquito bred diseases, especially Dengue – which will become very common during the season. When it comes to Dengue, precaution is better than cure.

So, before mosquitoes start their rampage, here’s a complete guide to Dengue: precaution, symptoms and treatment:

What causes Dengue?
Dengue fever is transmitted when someone is bitten by an Aedes mosquito infected by the Dengue virus. It is not a contagious disease and does not spread via physical contact but only when an infected mosquito bites you.

The Dengue causing mosquito breeds in and around stagnant water, that’s exactly why we see an increased number of Dengue cases during the monsoon season.

What are the symptoms of Dengue in children?
Children may or may not show any prominent symptoms of Dengue. The fever may show 4-6 days after the mosquito infects you. Also, the symptoms may not be uniform amongst all kids. Every child might show some different symptoms out of the list mentioned below:
In case of infants:
Runny nose
One or more rashes on body
Slight cough
Sudden slight fever that may rise really fast
Among older children:
Sudden fever that may rise in no time
Pain behind eyes
Pain in joints of the body
When suffering from Dengue, platelet count of the child falls, hence, the child may have sudden bleeding from various body parts including gums and nose
The child may get bruised easily
Itchy red rash that may show up on the child’s body a couple of days after he is infected
Nausea & vomiting
Itching on soles of the feet
Loss of appetite
Tiredness & exhaustion

At times, Dengue can advance into a severe kind of fever called the Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF). This could become life threatening, so if your child shows any of the above mentioned symptoms, consult your doctor for timely treatment.

How to prevent Dengue?
The easiest way to prevent Dengue is to keep mosquitoes at bay. Ensure that there is no accumulated and stagnant water around your home.

Make sure you use mosquito repellents, not just while stepping out but even while indoors for protection against the Dengue mosquito bites during the day time.
Using the Goodknight Fabric Roll-On and Goodknight Patches are easy and safe ways to keep your child guarded against mosquitoes outdoors. Just 4 dots of the revolutionary Fabric Roll-On, on your child’s clothes shields your child against mosquitoes for as long as 8 hours. Made using natural ingredients including citronella and eucalyptus oils, these products are 100% natural and are also pediatrician certified.

The Goodknight Activ+ is another a great product to keep your home mosquito free.

Make sure you have mesh on your doors and windows.
Make your kids wear full-sleeved and covered clothes.

What are your go to solutions to keep mosquitoes away? Do share with us!

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