5 Things I do before stepping out with my kid

5 things I do before stepping out with my kid
5 things I do before stepping out with my kid

Whether it was circling around the society compound plopped in a pram at 6 months or our walk to the vegetable market when she was 2, our everyday play-time in the park at 4 or for that matter our lovely holidays – exploring outdoors has been an important part of my 4 year old’s growing up.  It surprises me how every step out of the home triggers her curiosity and fills her with new observations. I’m sure even you must have experienced this. That’s what the world outside the four walls does to young minds.

A complete fan of the adage – there’s no such thing as bad weather but inappropriate clothing, for us, enjoying outdoors is all about gearing up right. There’s no fun in letting ill-planning dampen our joy. So, from right clothes and shoes to taking the right precautions ensuring as much safety as I can, I try do it all.

Here are a few preparations we do before stepping out with my little one to keep her safe and our experience fulfilling…

1.Dress Right:
Be it rain coats and gum boots during the rainy season or wrapping her up in layers when we are out during winters, I make sure we are wearing appropriate clothing as per the weather and location before we step out.

2.Keep Mosquitoes at bay
One cannot miss this at any cost. Come what may, we don’t step out without wearing a shield against the little pests in all the seasons. With so many mosquitoes in the vicinity and the spike in the instances of dengue, malaria and chikungunya, especially during the rainy season, it becomes all the more important to gear up. From patches to application creams we have tried it all, however, the most handy and effective product that I came across is Good knight Fabric Roll-On. Easy to use, just 4 dots of the product on your kids’ clothes are enough to keep the devils away for 8 hours. Made with natural products like eucalyptus oil and cilantro oil, its 100% child safe. If your kid is under 2 months, you can apply the Good knight Fabric Roll-On on the pram and enjoy your everyday outdoor time, sans any worries as it is certified by pediatricians! Good knight Fabric Roll-On is now available in 2 different variants – Bubblegum fragrance and Citrus fragrance.

3.I Scream Sunscreen
I am blessed with a water baby, who needs ample of water time every week – then be it her swimming sessions or getting her dose of Vitamin Sea (we stay in Mumbai).  So, before plunging into the pool or sea, I dab some kid friendly waterproof sunscreen on her skin. A mild sunscreen with an SPF of 15 works well in Mumbai, however if you are headed for a beach holiday, you may need a higher SPF. Do not forget to ensure that these sunscreen are waterproof.

4.Stay Hydrated
Another must check before stepping out is that each one of us is carrying our own water. Though it is easy to pick up a bottle of packaged water on the go but if you are a mom, you would know that kids can demand water at the unlikeliest of places, especially if you are not carrying. Also, these little balls of energy need fluids more than us, especially when they are out for an outdoor activity. Make sure they are sipping on some fluid every 20 minutes. So, never take that chance.

5.Quick Bag Checks
Depending upon the length of our outing, I do some last minute checks on stuff like safety gear according to the activity we are out for (helmets, knee-elbow pads, swimming gear etc), wet wipes (they are a Godsend!), extra pair of clothing, saunf (fennel seeds, since my daughter has motion sickness), travel games/ busy books, medications, hats and anything you feel that your kid may need. And again Good knight Fabric Roll-On that is always attached to the bag we take for our outing.

That was my list of last minutes ritual I do before stepping out with my girl, what’s your list like? Leave a comment below to tell us.

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