Safest ways to get rid of mosquitoes

Safest ways to get rid of

Mumbai records the highest Dengue deaths in the last 3 years!

78% Dengue deaths in Maharashtra are from Mumbai!

I stay in Mumbai and I am a mom to a 4.5 year old child. Obviously, these statistics scare me because my family’s well-being is my utmost priority. Whether during monsoons or otherwise, mosquitoes can create a havoc if not taken care of. Stagnant water at home or in the society can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes, which thereafter find a prey in us, especially in kids, causing chronic ailments like Dengue, Malaria & Chikungunya.

As there are no antiviral drugs and vaccinations to provide a cover against vector-borne diseases, keeping the pesky mosquitoes off our kids should be the biggest concern.
While restricting kids indoors is obviously not the solution, adopting safe mosquito repelling techniques at home and arming the kids with effective mosquito repellents outdoors is the need of the hour. Here are some easy measures that you can adopt to get guarded against mosquitoes at home and outside:

Stock up on mesh
Keeping the doors and windows open to let cool and fresh air come in may be a good idea but it is also an open invitation to mosquitoes. Fret not! Just line your doors and windows with fine mesh and enjoy the cool breeze sans any fear of mosquitoes.
Eucalyptus and Lemon Oil Mix: This magical oil mixture has effective mosquito repelling properties. Totally natural, completely safe and easy to use, this mix has a component cineole, which is antiseptic as well as acts as an insect-repellent when applied to the skin. Just mix the two oils in equal proportions and apply on the exposed parts of the body.

Citronella oil: When most of the mosquito repellents available in the market swear by the power of this ingredient – you bet it must be good. A few drops of this essential oil on your body or use it as an infuser in your vaporizer and you have a au naturale shield against mosquitoes in your home.

Plant power: While many think that plants attract mosquitoes, the truth is that having the right kind of plants in and around your home can actually drive away mosquitoes. Plant tulsi, mint, marigold, trees of lemon, neem and citronella grass in your home to prevent the mosquitoes from breeding.

Goodknight Fabric Roll- On & Patches: Talking about natural ways, mosquito repellents by Goodknight are very effective in driving away mosquitoes. Made with natural citronella and eucalyptus oil, Goodknight Fabric Roll-On is 100% natural and a convenient solution to keep mosquitoes away from your kids. Since it doesn’t come in contact with your child’s skin there are no side effects. Just 4 dots of the Roll-On on your child’s clothes and they are safe for the next 8 hours! We use it every day before going to school and before playtime. Goodknight Patches is another popular product at my house. 100% Natural & pediatrician certified, these patches can be stuck onto child’s clothing (preferably at the back so that he/she doesn’t pull it) and you are good to go! Best part, they come in cool Chhota Bheem designs and kids love flaunting this shield. Both the products are paediatrician certified and are absolute must haves for protection against mosquitoes.

If you have any suggestions for safe mosquito repellents, then don’t forget to them share with us!

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