20 Home remedies for cold, congestion in kids

Home Remedies for cold, congestion in kids
Home Remedies for cold, congestion in kids

Last week went in tending Baby H. With sudden chill in the air thanks to monsoons, she caught cold and that tiny nose first went runny and then blocked causing her a lot of discomfort. So, just like any other panic struck mommy, I raided internet and enquired every friend, relative and acquaintance for  tried and tested home remedies for cold and congestion.

Though, I used just a couple of remedies  for Baby H, but at the end I had a big list of home-remedies, which can become a great resource for all of us.

So, here’s a list of home-remedies that can come handy the next time your kid is under the weather…

Caution: Remember, each child is unique. So, don’t try all the remedies at one go. What suits one child might not suit the other. Keep in mind your child’s age before picking up the remedy and do consult your paediatrician before introducing anything new to your infant.

1. Keep a cotton swab dipped in Eucalyptus oil in your child’s room. You can also sprinkle a drop or two on your baby’s bedding. This would help the child to breathe freely.

2. If the child has a blocked nose and is having difficulty in sleeping, make him sleep at an angle with head raised with a pillow wedge. The gravity will make mucus drain from the nose.

3. Boil 5-7 leaves of tulsi (basil) in a glass of water. After it becomes half, let it cool. Make your child sip this water through out the day.

4. You can add a pinch of haldi (turmeric) in your child’s milk.

5. Heat a little coconut oil. Add little powdered camphor to it. After it cools down, take 4 to 5 drops and apply it on your child’s chest.

6. Roast ajwain in a pan on low flame. Now, wrap it in a handkerchief and keep it close to the baby’s nose so that he can inhale it.

7. For babies above 1 year of age, a concoction of honey, ginger and tulsi can be very beneficial. You can also give a spoonful of honey.

8. Mix 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon with 1 teaspoon of honey and give this mixture to your child (above 1 year) every four hours. Start giving this immediately after you spot the symptoms of cold.

9. Rub Vicks Vaporub on your child’s feet and make him/her sleep with the socks on. This is one of the easiest and most-used home-remedy for cold and cough.

10. Steam can work wonders in curing cold and congestion. But be very careful while giving steam to kids. While keeping a steamer close to them while they are asleep is a good option, you can also fill a bathtub with piping hot water and hold the baby in your arms. As the baby inhales steam, mucus will soften giving relief to the baby.

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11. To cure dry cough, heat 2 tablespoons of ghee. Add 2-3 peppers to it. Grind it into a paste and give a little bit of this mixture to the kid (above 1 year).

12. Heat 5-6 teaspoons of mustard oil. Add crushed garlic and ajwain seeds to it and let them crackle. Once this oil cools down, strain it and store it. Massage a few drops of this oil on your baby’s chest, forehead and feet.

13. Keeping a warm mist humidifier will keep dry air at bay.

14. Pouring 2-3 drops of saline drops in each nostril can go a long way in treating blocked nose.

15. Thread a clove of galric and hang it around your child’s neck in a way that garlic rests on the chest, You can also put 2 peeled garlic pods in 50 mil of water. Let it boil for 10 minutes. Once it gets cooled, feed 2-3 sips of this water to your child (4 years and above) every 2-3 hours.

16. For kids aged 8 months and above, chicken soup can be of great help.

17. Ginger helps in thinning the mucus. So, take a small piece of ginger and add 50 ml of hot water to it. Once it gets cold, give it to your kid. (2 years and above).

18. Besan (gram flour) halwa made in ghee can give relief in cold.

19. Take some onion and out it in boiling watter along with jaggery and little black pepper. Once cold, let your child sip it.

20. For cough and mucus, boil a big cardamom in a glass of water. Once it reduces to half, let it cool and let your child sip it throughout the day.

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