Review: Fire up your child’s imagination with Lego Creative Builder Box


All was fine until I stepped on a Lego! Ouch! It was as painful as it was fun playing all this while with our all new Lego Creative Builder Box that we received recently thanks to Modern Mama India.

Lego that has received worldwide accolades for being one of the most engaging, creativity boosting, imaginative form of play for kids and adults alike is yet to receive a stamp of approval from my four year old daughter. We gifted H, her first ever Lego Duplo when she was 2. years old. A beginner’s set with few basic Lego brings and animal figurines, the set could never catch her fancy and was happily resting in our toy den. A follower of child led playtime, we played with doll house and other pretend play stuff, cars, balls etc but never with Lego.


Lego Classic Creativity Box: Doors & Windows Review
Lego Classic Creativity Box: Doors & Windows Review

And then this set arrived. As usual H was super delighted to see a parcel and jumped to open it. Within no time, we unboxed it and tore open the neatly packed colour coded Lego bricks. (Yes, I don’t have pictures of packed pieces). This one is classic set with a huge array of doors, windows, shapes and special elements in bright, vibrant colors. It comes with a step by step instruction manual that helps you create beautiful houses, exciting shops, cozy cafés, ornamental pagodas, magical castles and more. While the manual contains the instructions for making 3 creations, hotel and cafe’s demo can be seen online.



Lego Classic Creativity Box: Doors & Windows Review
Lego Classic Creativity Box: Doors & Windows Review

At first glance, the box caught H’s fancy, thanks to its bright colours and the huge number of bricks. Soon we were all over the floor with our colourful Lego treasure all set to create the beautiful tiny structures as shown in the manual. However, a look at the tiny parts and complex creations, it was clear that the creations are too complex for a 4 year old. But then, as per the box, it’s fun for up to 99 years of age! Soon, I was on a roll. First along with H, I created the simplest Asian temple. Gradually H lost interest, but I couldn’t stop myself from creating every possible structure shown in the manual including a pretty home, a cafe, a hotel, a skycraper and a castle. Buoy! It’s addictive!


Known for their brilliant aesthetics and attention to detail, this set from Lego is no exception. While the quality of bricks is superlative, you just marvel at the way every door, window, shutter and slider fits and functions so well! Perfect example a well-thought product!


I call a toy/ game a hit only when H takes it out voluntarily and plays with it a multiple times. And I would like to congratulate Lego for achieving that with my girl. She couldn’t make any structure from the manual but I did find her fixing doors and windows to make or break something on her own. Isn’t that the whole purpose of Lego?! Not just that, on one of the occasions, I also found her playing with her old set. Lego gets full marks there!

Lego Doors and Windows Review
Lego Doors and Windows Review

Clearly not for a four year old for its intricate assembly and tiny parts, but this set is a great addition to a Lego lovers collection. Whether you are nine or ninety, this set can give you a new perspective everytime you sit and make something. Kids aged 6 and above can have a blast erecting a dreamy city complete with a cafe, hotel, home and temple out of this set! Does your child like Lego?

Pricing: Rs.2499

You can buy it here at a flat 25% off!

Value for money: Absolutely!






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