Quick & Easy DIY Gifts for Father’s Day


A dad and daughter’s love story is unique, special and out of this world. I’m not saying this out of warmth or awe but out of sheer jealousy, because a love-story like this is thriving in my home and I am a victim of the same. If you too have a dad-daughter duo in your family, you would totally relate to the feeling ignored by this duo that will enjoy life in each other’s company – totally oblivious to your existence!  

Jokes apart, I am actually in awe of the bond my girl shares with her dad. And to celebrate this love, we will be making a cutesy gift for daddy dearest this Father’s Day. If you are also looking for some ideas….here are some cool Father’s Day gifts that you ca n make together.

Hi-Five Photo Mug for Dad’s Desk


Monogram for Dad

c7a41be72f76bb3f3c3f6fb92ac153b3 (1)

For he is our Super Hero!


Key Chain for Dad that’ll stay with him forever


Dad Rocks Frame


Wondering when is Fathers Day?
Father’s Day is on June 17, 2018

Need some more inspiration to make Father’s Day extra special? Here are some more ideas…

Funny Father’s Day Cards

Last Minute Father’s Day Printables

Hand-Made Father’s Day Gifts

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