Diwali Spl: 5 Easy Rangoli designs to make with kids


Our favourite season is on! No I’m not talking about the onset of winters but the season of festivals, when revelry is in the air and love and warmth just takes you over from all corners. From sharing gifts to decorating your home and welcoming guests… there’s so much happening all around. When it comes to decorating the home during festivals, Rangoli is my favourite. With Baby H around,   I am not too sure if I’ll be able to pull off an elaborate design, but hey, I can always look out for  Rangoli designs in which even she can help me.

So, here’s are a few easy Rangoli designs that you can make with your kids…

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5 Things I do before stepping out with my kid

5 things I do before stepping out with my kid
5 things I do before stepping out with my kid

Whether it was circling around the society compound plopped in a pram at 6 months or our walk to the vegetable market when she was 2, our everyday play-time in the park at 4 or for that matter our lovely holidays – exploring outdoors has been an important part of my 4 year old’s growing up.  It surprises me how every step out of the home triggers her curiosity and fills her with new observations. I’m sure even you must have experienced this. That’s what the world outside the four walls does to young minds.

A complete fan of the adage – there’s no such thing as bad weather but inappropriate clothing, for us, enjoying outdoors is all about gearing up right. There’s no fun in letting ill-planning dampen our joy. So, from right clothes and shoes to taking the right precautions ensuring as much safety as I can, I try do it all.

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Review: ReMedi Spa and Beauty Lounge

ReMedi Spa & Salon
ReMedi Spa & Beauty Lounge

Busy, exhausted, over-worked and tired are words usually associated with moms. And I am no exception. After managing a kid, a house and a job all through the month, I look forward to some relaxing me-time, which comes as my monthly visit to a spa or a salon. The hour long ritual helps me bounce back to life.

For one such rejuvenating sprees, I ventured out to explore the newly opened ReMedi Spa & Salon at Lower Parel. Located in a cozy lane bang opposite Palladium Mall, the swanky spa is divided into two zones – the salon and the spa section. (If you don’t like visiting salons in malls like me, you’ll love this one!) Continue reading Review: ReMedi Spa and Beauty Lounge

The first 1000 days of child’s life: Foundation for a healthy future


All of us know that optimum nutrition is important for leading a healthy life, irrespective of the age. However, it is during the first 1000 days of life, that a baby needs whole lot of nutrition – “more so than at any other time in their life,” explains Dr.Zubeda Tumbi, at a bloggers’ meet we attended over the weekend. A nutritionist with over 28 years of experience, Dr.Tumbi can’t stop stressing over the importance of the first 1000 days of a child’s life that start at conception till the child’s second birthday. The period is incredibly deterministic as it lays the foundation for a child’s physical, mental, emotional and cognitive development in the years to come. And as harsh as it may sound, but the nutritional loss during the first 1000 days may cause permanent irreversible damage to developing brain & physical growth

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4 Year old explains the real reason behind ‘bidai’ at Indian weddings

reason behind bidai

Last week we attended a wedding at Mysore. A unique multi-cultural wedding where the groom was Sikh and the bride hailed from a Kannadiga family – a matrimony of not just two people but of two states, two cultures and two ideologies! And it was fun!

It was a treat to watch the two families accept each other with hearts wide open. The Pagri cland groom happily adorned the silk Panche (a garment wore on lower body in South India), while the bride all dolled-up in a Kanjeevaram saree happily flaunted her Choora (a stack of traditional red and white bangles worn by the Punjabis). And together they took the Saptapadi at a temple followed by Anant Karaj at a Gurudwara. Love triumphed yet again! Yay!


While the entire clan was enjoying the celebrations, H had some observations, particularly about the concept of ‘Bidai’ (The ritual where the bride leaves her maternal home to go to the groom’s house.) My four year old couldn’t fathom why this bunch of happy souls including the pretty bride was suddenly shedding tears!

I tried to explain but she had some serious logic!

H: Mumma, why are you crying? Why is Boo (That’s how she addresses her Bua – father’s sister) crying? Why is everyone crying? (A deluge of queries that I couldn’t avoid answering after a certain point.)
Me: Because, Boo is going.
H: But you don’t cry when I go to school!
Me: You come back in the afternoon.
H: Boo will also come. She has a car. Don’t cry, you are a big girl.
Me: (In my mind) She has a point.
H to Papa: (Certainly not convinced with my answer) Where is Boo going and why is everyone crying?
Papa: She is going to her new home.
H: Everyone has a home. I have a home. Ajji has a home. Asha Ajji has a home. Masi has a home. Then why is everyone crying for her home. Bad manners, Papa!
Again she had a point!
At this juncture one of the ladies in the family jumped in with the big daddy of all reasons. “Boo is crying because she is leaving her Papa. You will also have to leave your Papa and go one day.”
H: (Almost losing it by now.) My Papa is the best, I will not leave him! Boo’s Papa must be naughty!

Oblivious to the ramblings of the big world my curious kid managed to bring back smiles on our faces with her fun conclusion to Bidai. And I left discussing the serious marriage business with H for some other day. For now, let’s blame the naughty papas 😉

Bidai happnens because Papas are naughty!  Wish life was as simple as she thinks it to be.