The #AtoZChallenge Theme Reveal!

A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal
Hello hello!

I have an announcement here! This April, I will be participating in the A to Z Challenge. For the uninitiated, #AtoZChallenge, is about blogging everyday in April except for Sundays. Each day you have to blog about one alphabet, starting with A. So, 26 alphabets for 26 days of April. (Sundays are off here ;))

April is a special month for me. Or shall I say – since last year, the month has become special. It was in April last year that I got my new identity. After being a daughter, sister, daughter-in-law, friend and wife for all these years – I became a ‘mother.’. So, when I got to know about the  #AtoZChallenge in April, I knew I was participating to make April all the more exciting! 

And today is  #AtoZChallenge Theme Reveal! So, here’s my theme ***Drumroll**!

It’s not very tough to guess my theme. Yes, it’s going to be all about Hiyashaa (Baby H’s) First Year & First Birthday.

Though she’s always on my mind, but April is going to be extra-special. After all it’s her birthday month. So, all through April you’ll be reading a lot more about H’s first year, her achievements, her fears, what makes her cry and what brings  joy to her. Along with that you’ll also see me blogging about Birthday Parties – so what you’ll get is a complete guide for planning your child’s birthday party.

So, I hope you will follow my blog (you can do that on right hand side) and come back on April 1st to see what’s the first post about!

If you are still thinking about taking up the A to Z challenge, do it now!

Wooo April is gonna be exciting!



7 thoughts on “The #AtoZChallenge Theme Reveal!

  1. What a lovely synchronicity that your daughter’s month is April! Are all your posts written already? These posts will be precious to your daughter when she is old enough to read them herself. Very cool.


    1. Hi Gapark! Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, it’s a beautiful coincidence. Have written a few and planned the topics for a few. Keeping fingers crossed. Hope I sail through 🙂


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