A bedtime story that plays with child’s psychology & puts him to sleep

The Rabbit ho Wants to Fall Asleep
The Rabbit ho Wants to Fall Asleep

Mommies are gifted with a secret talent of weaving stories. I discovered mine when I started telling stories to my girl, I’m sure many of you also must have had your own EUREKA moment! It is surprising how we can cook up situations with imaginary characters and tell a new tale to the little ones every night.

Apart from entertaining Baby H, these stories also come handy in dealing with situations that are hard to tackle otherwise. So, whether it is dealing with ‘no milk’ and ‘no school’ situation’ to ‘teaching her sharing’ and ‘helping others,’ I cook up a small story every night with imaginary characters, which she can relate to. I can’t vouch that these stories have a 100 % success rate but they do work at certain level.

This brings me to the latest article that I came across about a Bed time story that uses psychological tricks to put kids to sleep. Written as an aid to parents who find putting their kids to sleep hard. Titled, Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep, the book is currently topping Amazon’s Best Sellers List.

Written by Swedish author Carl-Johan Forssen Ehrlin, the tale follows Roger The Rabbit and his mother as they journey to meet Uncle Yawn to help him find sleep. Along the way, they meet characters like Sleepy Snail and the wise Heavy-Eyed Owl who give Roger advice on how to fall asleep faster.

The key is the story’s language pattern and sentence structure, Ehrlin says. “The entire story is focused on getting the child involved and to get the child to identify with Roger who will fall asleep in the end,” he told CBS News. “The main goal is to keep the child focused on the goal of relaxation. One could say that this story is the verbal equivalent of rocking the baby to sleep.”

By the time Roger reaches Uncle Yawn, he is already feeling tired. Magical sleeping powder ultimately does the trick and he can barely get home before falling asleep and getting a good night’s rest.

I am glad someone actually went ahead to write such a story. However, will it work or no depends on child to child. In my case, the success rate looks plummeting as His growing up and learning to add her own reasoning and twists to the story. For instance, when I say Piku the parrot doesn’t like milk, H says, mumma, put Horlicks! 😛


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