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20 Home remedies to treat constipation in kids

constipationConstipation is one of the most common problems among kids. Even we are in a constant battle with potty every since H was born. My husband calls me Potty minister! So, if you too eagerly wait for your child to poop every morning or for that matter at least once a day, this post is a must-read for you.

Symptoms of constipation:
– Passing stool less than three times in a week.
– Hard stool, difficulty in passing.
– Painful bowel movement
– Abdominal pain
– Blood on the surface of stool

Home remedies to treat constipation in kids:

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Hello, I am the ‘potty minister!’

diaperYes, I am!

Read further at your own risk!

Before you twitch your nose in disgust and tag me crazy, let me tell you my story.

Once upon a time, I had a well paying job. A job that was good enough to pay my bills, allowed me to have some fun over the weekend and of course shopping when my heart desired. I was the Boss, (Though, I never let my team address me like that, but trust me, it feels good!) which meant I could pick and choose what I loved to do and delegate (force it on them & make them slog) the rest of the work to my team. Well, that’s how managers work. Isn’t it? (O.K – that was a bit of exaggeration, managers ain’t that bad.) Actually, we made a great team.

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