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Review: Nasobuddy Nasal Aspirator

One of the most common and nagging problem for me and H in the last two ears has been – blocked nose. We have spent many sleepless nights trying to ease H when she was unable to breathe due to the blocked nose. From home remedies of cold and congestion to saline water and steam, we tried almost every possible solution to treat H’s blocked nose. Since kids neither know how to breathe through their mouths nor they know how to blow out mucus, blocked nose and congestion becomes a tricky situation to deal with.

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20 Home remedies for cold, congestion in kids

Home Remedies for cold, congestion in kids
Home Remedies for cold, congestion in kids

Last week went in tending Baby H. With sudden chill in the air thanks to monsoons, she caught cold and that tiny nose first went runny and then blocked causing her a lot of discomfort. So, just like any other panic struck mommy, I raided internet and enquired every friend, relative and acquaintance for  tried and tested home remedies for cold and congestion.

Though, I used just a couple of remedies  for Baby H, but at the end I had a big list of home-remedies, which can become a great resource for all of us.

So, here’s a list of home-remedies that can come handy the next time your kid is under the weather…

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