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Review: ReMedi Spa and Beauty Lounge

ReMedi Spa & Salon
ReMedi Spa & Beauty Lounge

Busy, exhausted, over-worked and tired are words usually associated with moms. And I am no exception. After managing a kid, a house and a job all through the month, I look forward to some relaxing me-time, which comes as my monthly visit to a spa or a salon. The hour long ritual helps me bounce back to life.

For one such rejuvenating sprees, I ventured out to explore the newly opened ReMedi Spa & Salon at Lower Parel. Located in a cozy lane bang opposite Palladium Mall, the swanky spa is divided into two zones – the salon and the spa section. (If you don’t like visiting salons in malls like me, you’ll love this one!) Continue reading Review: ReMedi Spa and Beauty Lounge


How I managed my Gestational Diabetes

How I Managed My Gestational Diabetes
How I Managed My Gestational Diabetes

November 14 is celebrated as World Diabetes Day across the world. I realised this pretty late during the day, hence this post is coming a day later.  I always wanted to write on this topic but could never gather the courage to revisit the only ‘not-so-happy’ part of my otherwise beautiful pregnancy. Yes, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes very early during my pregnancy.  Those who know me would know how much I dread the disorder. I lost my dad to diabetes 10 years ago. He was only 50.  So, I had my reasons to freak out when I first got to know about my high sugar levels.  And I did freak out and how! From “how did I get it?” to “how would I mange it” to “will my baby also be diabetic?,” my mind was full of questions (and misconceptions too) that I wanted someone to clear. Soon, I was on the mission to manage my sugars and my pregnancy. And I did it, thanks to my gynaecologist and my diabetologist. Here are a few things I did about gestational diabetes and sailed happy and healthy through the nine months…

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10 Movies that celebrate motherhood


Summer vacations are on! Only mothers can know what an ordeal it is to survive the little devils through the long break. It gets all the more challenging if you have no plans of an exotic holiday just like me. But hey! There are summer camps! So, if you have managed to pack-up your kids to some summer camp or activity and have some free time, how about catching upon some classics whenever you can squeeze in one. Just gang up with fellow moms, mothers and mother-in-laws or just with your coffee and get going with these movies that celebrate the most beautiful feeling in the world – motherhood

(Let’s get real guys! We are mommies and we can’t do a movie marathon. But there are 365 days/ nights to watch these masterpieces!)

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Make it special with these Mother’s Day Events in Mumbai!

Mommies! Need some last minute ideas to make Mother’s Day extra special. Here’s the list of some of the most exciting Mother’s Day events happening in Mumbai…

Kidzaina‘Bring your mum to work day’ at KidZania
This Sunday, celebrate mother’s day with your kids as you become assistant to the ‘Lil’ one’ for a day. This Mother’s Day, KidZania honors this beautiful bond by letting the mum’s be assistant to the little one as they turn Pilot, Doctor or Engineer! Every Mother’s dream? See their child make it big! Imagine, you get to do that while you work with them before they take on the real world.
Timing: 10am to 3pm
Date: 8th May (Sunday)
Price: INR 1100 for adults and INR 500 for kids
Contact: 022 3955 3700

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Shveta Salve, Carol Gracias: Pregnant and breaking stereotypes

Shveta Salve

Pregnancy is a special phase in a woman’s life. And it is a great feeling to see how women today are enjoying their pregnancies – from capturing memories of their bump-y selves in professional maternity photo shoots, planning baby moons to reading a book from beginning to end to catching up on sleep – they are doing it all. They work, they work-out and carry on their professional and social routines without letting ‘being pregnant’ become a hurdle.

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