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From junk to kids’ play area: Tour of my girl’s secret room!

kids Room Decor: Before and After
Kids Room Decor: Before and After

We have recently moved into a new home. A typical Mumbai apartment amidst a concrete jungle.  Besides the living room, the other two rooms are taken over by adults, which means the kiddo has no place to call her own.  As per Mumbai standards, there’s nothing new in that. But my four year old is used to playing on an open terrace of our previous home. So, how do I turn this house into a ‘home’ that’s inviting and engages my kid,  was the question that I had to find an answer for!

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Our Halloween Party for Kids in 10 photos

Spook-tacular Halloween Party in 10 Photos
Spook-tacular Halloween Party in 10 Photos

Most of us in India are in Diwali mode, so are we with our rangoli, sweets and diyas in place. Incidentally, this year the festival of lights is coinciding with Halloween, so we thought to have some spook-tacular fun with kids with our very first Halloween themed play date! With some Pinterest inspiration and lots of imagination, we were all set to welcome kids dressed in myriad Halloween costumes: witches and Goblins for some Tricks & Treats.

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A ‘Dora the Explorer’ Birthday Party

Dora Birthday Party 2

My tiny-miny H turned 3 years old this week! “I’m a big girl now,” is what she says. And this big girl wanted a ‘Dora’ party this year. Soon, this excited mommy started planning the ‘Dora the Explorer’ party. All this might sound  over the top to many, but I find immense joy in all the madness associated with ideating, planning and watching all the efforts coming together into an evening full of fun, laughter and happy faces!

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Aazad gave the best birthday gift to dad Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan
Aamir Khan

Have a look at what Aamir Khan is wearing during his 51st Birthday celebration – a t-shirt you would say.  Now, have a closer look.

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10 DIY Gifts for grandparents

grandmas If I could, I would throw in some extra cherries and lots of sprinkles too, while differentiating grandparents from parents. That’s what grandparents are! Extra special people who bring everything extra in the lives of their grandkids – care, love, kisses, hugs and all the mush!  

It was H’s granny’s (Nani) birthday yesterday. What a day to come into this world – International Women’s Day. H is usually excited about birthdays but since it was Nani’s first birthday with us, we were extra-excited! Obviously, she didn’t want anything grand so we limited it to a visit to her favourite place – Nariman Point, from where she could see the vast expanse of the Arabian Sea followed by a dinner. Besides bonding over stories, terrace-time, eating and naps etc, both H and Nani share a crazy love for water. Their eyes brighten up at the sight of the blue. While H wishes to become a Dolphin at the thought of the ocean, Nani can spend every evening near the sea shore, watching the waves and enjoying the cool breeze.

However, I wanted to do something special for our special woman, which also includes H. Here’s what her Birthday morning began with – her favourite girl and her favourite words – “I Love Nani.” The gift was easy to make, not expensive at all but very very very special. It went straight on Nani’s bedroom wall!

If you too are looking out for some cutesy gift ideas for grandparents, we have a list. Make your pick and make them feel extra special. After all, they are the best!

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