Must-try tips to boost your child’s immunity this winter

Tried and tested tips to boost your child's immunity this winter
Tried and tested tips to boost your child’s immunity this winter

With winters in full bloom in most parts of the country, cold, cough and flu are common among kids. Blame it to the changing weather or to a child’s low immunity, it’s quite normal to find your child sneezing suddenly. Whatever may be the reason for the illness, tending to an unwell kid is the toughest job for a mother. Blocked nose, congestion and bouts of cough that keep them awake during nights can be very taxing for kid and mom. However, you would be surprised to know that the usually hated winters are actually the best time to work on immunity as this is the season when the nature is ready to nurture us. The digestive system is strong in this season and loads of immunity boosting foods come during this period.

While temporary illnesses can be treated with medicines and home remedies, working on the child’s immunity in the long run is of utmost importance. It’s a long process and you may not see the effects over night but in long run, situation will definitely get better.

Here are a few immunity boosting foods that you must include in your child’s diet on an everyday basis and watch your child blooming into a healthy and happy kid…

  1. Winter friendly fruits & vegetables: Include lots of beetroot, carrot, broccoli  and potatoes in your child’s diet. Loaded with nutrients, they shield your kid from winter illnesses. Let them gorge on oranges! They come in winter for a reason. High in vitamin C, which works on your child’s immunity against common colds.
  2. Include nuts and seeds of all kinds in your child’s diet. High in vitamin E, fibre, healthy fats, magnesium, zinc and healthy fats, nuts work on child’s resistance against diseases.  Give them to snack upon nuts or hide them in yummy laddoos, but make nuts a part of their diet.
  3. Load up on Vitamin D: Apart from jumping in muddy puddles out in the sun, include eggs, fish and oats in your child’s diet.
  4. Add turmeric into your child’s milk everyday. The golden concoction is a elixir or good health.
  5. Start your child’s  morning with a concoction of Tulsi leaves juice (6-7 drops), Ginger juice (2 drops),  honey (3 drops).
  6. Dates and fig milkshake is also a good immunity boosting idea.
  7. Include gooseberry in your child’s diet.  Murabba (malmalade), juice or as a vegetable – it does wonder to a child’s immunity in all forms.

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