Is your car safe for your child?

Is your car safe for your child?
Is your car safe for your child?

Entry of a child can change the entire equation of a family.  Once carefree couple suddenly turns into responsible parents and every small decision in the house starts and ends with the child’s comfort and safety – then be it planning a holiday or buying a new car!

How to make sure your car is safe for your child? Read ahead to know…

Your child is going to be an integral part of your car travels always. And why not? Traveling is the best form of learning that you can ever give to a growing kid. So, while you are out and about to make memories and experiences with your child in tow, the importance of keeping him safe and sound inside the car can’t be explained enough. I recently got a chance to drive a couple of Volkswagen carsWe drove off to Volkswagen India’s world-class plant at Chakan, Pune to understand what goes into making one of the safest cars in India.

Drove the Volswagen beast!
Drove the Volswagen beast!

Must say, Volkswagen cars boast of some cool features including dual airbags, child lock that can be managed only with a key, sensor enabled window glasses that roll down automatically in case of an obstruction keeping a child’s hand safe, in case he sticks it in between while it is being rolled up.

But, I don’t drive a Volkswagen everyday. So, what do I do? We got Mr. Michael Mayer, Director Volkswagen to share some tips to keep kids safe and happy inside any car as you go vrooming on your next road trip with your kid


  1. Invest in a good car seat for children below the age of 2
    The first car accessory to buy once you have a kid is a good quality age and size appropriate car seat/ booster seat because travelling with your child in the front seat is the worst idea. A car seat not only reduces the risk of danger in case of collision but also gives you peace of mind. The best place to fit a car seat is the middle seat at the back.
  2. Child lock is a must!
    Kids are curious by nature and levers, handles and buttons can excite them way more than toys. If you don’t want your child to open the door accidentally when the car is on the move, make sure you use the child lock.
  3. Fine tune your car
    Keep your car in good condition all the time. Get it serviced regularly ensuring the tyre pressure is correct, there’s enough oil, water and fuel etc.
  4. Keep a safety kit handy
    Although every car has a safety kit, but the chances are high that you have never opened it and the medicines may have expired. Once you start travelling with kids, make sure the safety kit is in place and has emergency medicines.
  5. Air Bags
    If you are buying a new car, a good idea will be to invest in one that comes with dual air bags. In Volkswagen cars, air bags in driver as well as passenger seats are a standard in all variants. Having said that, car seats should be fixed only on the rear seats as in case of collision, airbags can prove fatal if a child is sitting in the front seat.
  6. Seat-belts
    If your child has outgrown the car seat and booster seat, he/ she can sit in the front seat but only after wearing the seat belt. Note that the ideal age to make the progression from rear seat to front seat is 13!
  7. Minimise distractions
    A distracted kid may cause distraction to the driver putting everyone at the risk of an accident. So, while driving with kid try to keep them engaged as much as possible. Keep travel activities, books, music or food handy.

    Our visit to the Volkswagen factory was not just fun but a great learning experience too! While you witness beautiful beasts getting ready from scratch, the robotic precision of machines make you marvel at human ingenuity. Certain mind-boggling automated processes followed here are unique to brand Volkswagen and are not employed by any other car brand in the world!

    Some other safety features unique to Volkswagen include:

    1. Car Body which acts like an armour: Carved out of 100% galvanised steel, sourced from the finest steel makers in the world, Volkswagen cars are sturdier and safer by far. They also come with a 6-year anti-perforation warranty
    2. Roof laser welding: The roof laser welding process seamlessly welds the roof to the body of the car, creating a dampness-proof flawless beauty. Unlike the spot welding technique, the laser welding process is sturdier and acts like a shell
    3. Body Paints: Every Volkswagen car undergoes a unique 11-stage preparation process of chemicals and paints. This entire procedure ensures stone chip resistance, colour adhesion, UV protection and anti-corrosion.
    4. Advanced machines to help make advanced marvels: At Volkswagen, inline measurement robots, with camera lens attached, measure the body accuracy of every car. Zero error body means a rigid and compact car that feels like new for years. Anything other than perfect and immediate corrective action is carried out.


    Safety Ratings: Recently, Volkswagen Polo has achieved 4 star Global NCAP safety rating, highest in safety rating for any car in the premium hatchback segment in India. 

    When us mommies were in awe, I’m sure kids will go crazy at this experience. Wanna take your child for a tour de Volkswagen? Just drop us a comment & we’ll tell you how!

Have any more special tips on how to make your car safe for your child? Leave a comment & we’ll add it to the list!

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