Juno’s brings to you vegetarian kid-friendly pizza – Win a Pizza Meal!

Juno’s Pizza

Juno’s is a brand that gave India it’s first ever pizza delivery service in 1974; way before the Domios and Jamie’s of the world found their way into the country. Started out by home-chef Sudha Shah post as a result of her culinary expeditions in Italy was revived by her grand kids Aditya Shah and Neil Bastani in 2006 and today they are revolutionizing the way you look at pizza – giving it a healthy avatar!

Kids love pizzas, moms love healthy food and Juno’s, the vegetarian pizza chain brings the two loves by helping you make a pizza that’s exactly the way you want your child to eat it, taking care of kids’ nutritional requirement and taste preferences. From choosing out of a wide variety of toppings and choicest of sauces to pizza crust in wheat and gluten free variants made with jowar, rice flour, sugar and oil without any artificial flavours and preservatives – Juno’s takes care your kids’ allergies and health like no other. In fact the gluten free and wheat base pizzas have a nice bite to them!

Juno’s 20 Inch Pizza: Biggest pizza served in Mumbai

For parents who love biting into a piping hot pizza but make a deliberate choice to avoid it can go for the Workout pizza, which is a pizza sans cheese. Though, the idea of a pizza without cheese doesn’t sound quite delectable, but the Workout pizza doesn’t really disappoint you! What more? Juno’s 20 inches pizza (biggest in Mumbai)  has been notorious for bringing alive quite some parties and family dinners.


Garlic Bread from Juno’s Pizza

Combine the thin crust pizzas with Juno’s soft and cheesy garlic breads, dips and their eggless mousse and brownies and you have a perfect meal to raise a toast to!


Juno’s have a total of eight outlets across Mumbai.

And today, Juno’s is giving away a Pizza meal packed with a choice of your choice, garlic bread, dessert of your choice and a drink via Mutter N Tochter. All you need to do is like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and five lucky winners will get a Pizza meal  of your choice (Pizza + Garlic Bread + Drink  Dessert) delivered at their doorstep!

Win Pizza Meal Contest from Juno's Pizzas
Win Pizza Meal Contest from Juno’s Pizzas

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