Review: Belcam Bath Therapy 3-in-1

IMAG3133.jpgWe recently got the Belcam 3-in-1 Bath therapy products in mail and we were pretty excited to get our hands on them! More so, because we are used to getting only baby products for trials. While elaborate baths and spa sessions don’t happen very often considering my ‘mom-schedule,’ I make sure the bath and beauty products I use at home do the trick in no time.

Our gift pack contained three variants of the Belcam Bath products including: Juicy (Mango Bliss), Aromatherapy (Mint & Rosemary) and Paris Sweet (Pistachio & Cream).

Their claim: Made in USA, the 3-in-1 products can be used as Body Wash, Bubble Bath and Shampoo blended with softening ingredients. No parabens, no phthalates, no petroleum, no artificial colour, no formaldehyde, biodegradable, ph: skin compatible, hypoallergenic fragrance. For adult use only, not for children.

Our experience: The first thing you notice about the Belcam bath therapy products is the fragrance. The scent of all the three combinations is mild, soothing and invigorating. If you swear by anything fruity, the delish mango bliss is perfect or you, though my personal favourite turned out to be mint and rosemary. Having said that, pistachio and cream is no less edible! The next on my agenda was to test their 3-in-one claim.

They work great as a body wash with their smooth texture and a generous lather. Just a little on the loofah is good for a longish bath. Post bath the skin remains supple with no trace of dryness, that’s common with fruity bathing gels. I don’t have a bath tub, so couldn’t test them as bubble bath, but I’m sure they’ll work well as they lather up nicely. How I wish I could have said the same about their ‘shampoo’ claim! It didn’t work well as a shampoo and left my hair sticky.

Price: Rs.499 for 500 ml

Last verdict: A not so great hair product, Bethlam bath therapy is worth it as a nicely scented body wash at a very reasonable price!

Rating: 3.5/5

PS: The back of the bottle reads ‘Do Not Drink’! 😀

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