5 Educational Rhymes from Chu Chu TV for preschoolers

5 Educational Rhymes for pre-schoolers

Screen time is not bad if it’s chosen wisely and planned thoughtfully!

Learning for kids start from the day they are born. Their tiny twinkling eyes watch everything they come across and little minds absorbs and observes information from everything around them including TV and web. While a mother cannot filter out the outdoor world, but can definitely choose what her little one watches on phone, TV and iPad. Yes, I do allow my daughter some screen time during the day.  After all, this screen time allows me some ‘me-time’, ‘we-time’ or ‘just-anything time’! However, in moments like these, I make sure I provide good content to my child. I let her watch stuff that’s entertaining and educational at the same time.  And with toddlers and pre-schoolers, there’s nothing better than interesting rhymes and songs to keep them busy and and teach almost anything! We keep making our own rhymes too!

When we are not making our own nursery rhymes for kids, we love Chu Chu TV!  Their collection of colorfully animated nursery rhymes and songs is exactly what a parent is looking for – education packed with fun, engagement and entertainment! Imagine a kid learning concepts like transport, animals and colours without much ado. Not just that, they also have videos that promote good habits and morals among kids. And moms would believe when I say that  toddlers and pre-schoolers listen to these rhymes more than moms! No wonder, my daughter happily wants to brush her teeth every morning, go to park in the evening and thanks God at night just like kids do in her favourite rhymes!

So, rather than going crazy teaching your kids about all these concepts, a few minutes with these educative rhymes from Chu Chu TV are just enough to make them learn things in a fun manner…even before they go to school! Don’t miss out on the interesting twist they give to some of the oldest nursery rhymes, making them all the more meaningful and interesting. What more? These songs get easily etched in a child’s memory and have a pretty high recall value!

Here are some of our favourite nursery rhymes and songs from Chu Chu TV to engage children, hope you like them too!


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