10 Play schools in Noida

FootprintNoida parents, if you are searching for the perfect play school in Noida, here’s a list that may come handy while making the right choice. After all, a good play school is the first step towards preparing your baby for the big world of future formal education…

1. Footprints Education, Noida
Brainchild of IIT and IIM alumni, what differentiates Footprints with other play schools and day cares in the city making it our preferred choice is the fact that they believe that learning happens all day, so why to have learning restricted to first half only. Hence, their curriculum supports activities for entire day turning it into a ‘Full Day Pre-School’ where bodily needs are also taken care of but it is learning based all the time. To ensure learning for entire day, they have teachers who are employed for full day and in fact they maintain ratio of 1:5 – adult:children for entire day so that teachers can help children learn.

Curriculum at Footprints is designed by Highscope – a non profit company based out of US which has been developing curriculum for more than 50 Years for more than 20 Countries worldwide and 50,000+ schools. The curriculum has activities even for 3 month old kids as well and suited for Daycare environment as well.

2. Kangaroo Kids
Revolving around action-based learning using innovative teaching methods, Kangaroo Kids’ curriculum is based on active and experiential learning amid an optimum teacher-student ratio that ensures effective implementation of the curriculum.

3. Smiling Sunflower School
Located in Greater Noida, the school believes in child centered education. They understand that every child is different and is to be dealt with a unique learning approach.

4. Blooming Buds Play School
With a motto that reads, “Help me do it myself,” Blooming buds is one of the leading play schools in Noida that helps young minds grow and learn in an amicable environment, resulting in the all-round development of the child.

How to choose the right daycare for your child

5. Euro Kids
EuroKids is the first Pre-School to develop digital content specifically for Pre-Schoolers! For complex concepts & advanced ideas, various technologies as an aid has been integrated into teaching process to enhance the learning experience of all EuroKids.

6. Shemrock Nurture
Credited with revolutionising the concept of early childhood education since 1989, by pioneering a vibrant and child-friendly system of learning, Shemrock Nurture has been providing quality education to kids since 1989.

7. Shri Shri Ravi Shankar Vidya Mandir
Their motto is ‘Broaden the horizon, deeper the roots’ and they offer a unique and innovative curriculum that’s designed to lay a strong foundation for your kids’ formative years.

8. Kidzee
With top of the game facilities and well trained staff, Kidzee Mt.Litera schools believe in bringing out the hidden talent and skills of the child.

9. Mother’s Pride
Let children be themselves – reads their motto and at Mother’s Pride children are not just given wings, but the school also ensures that they develop strong roots. Most importantly, children are loved and made to feel cherished so that they approach life with a positive attitude.

10 Mighty Minds International Play School
A leading play school for your kids that supports experiential learning.

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