A ‘Dora the Explorer’ Birthday Party

Dora Birthday Party 2

My tiny-miny H turned 3 years old this week! “I’m a big girl now,” is what she says. And this big girl wanted a ‘Dora’ party this year. Soon, this excited mommy started planning the ‘Dora the Explorer’ party. All this might sound  over the top to many, but I find immense joy in all the madness associated with ideating, planning and watching all the efforts coming together into an evening full of fun, laughter and happy faces!

Coming back to our party. So, a Dora The Explorer themed birthday party cannot be complete without a ‘treasure hunt.’ So, I decided to do a small treasure hunt for H and gang in and around our home.

The decorations were kept minimal. H’s blackboard, was turned into a welcome sign and the birthday banner was bought online. The big Dora poster, was printed at a local printer and cup cake toppers were found as free printables. Caps, noise make and plates too were bought online.

Dora the explorer Photobooth

After a couple of weeks of planning the big day arrived and our terrace was buzzing with excited 3 year olds jumping around. To keep these hyper-active bunch of kids busy till everyone arrived, we created a small Dora photo booth shaped as a cutesy car with some fun props.

Dora Birthday Party colouring

We also did colouring Dora. After a lot of clicking, posing and painting – it was time for the treasure hunt!

Kids were told that Swiper had swiped away all the desserts and to get them back they needed to complete three tasks. Yes, just like Dora! And to do that they needed a backpack and a map. Bingo! There we had little Doras all set.

map print
Dora the Explorer Map!

We made these Dora Backpacks with purple card stock paper.

The first task was at the StarValley, where they had to collect candy stars. It was so much fun watching kiddos going crazy catching stars on our terrace.

Next on we went to the garden to cross the Troll’s Bridge. H’s alphabet mat became the bridge. Kids had to name the alphabets to cross the bride and grab a surprise gift at the end.

chocolate tree
The Chocolate Tree

The last task was a treat! A Chocolate tree. We hung chocolates on a tree in our backyard and kids had to jump and grab them. Needless to say, the fun was unlimited.

As promised, the desserts were served as the kids finished the treasure hunt. From Dora Marshmallow pops to Cotton Candy and Muffins to French Fries and Chocolates, the table had every thing to make a kid’s eyes pop!

cakeThen it was the time for Cake and dinner, which everyone devoured. Then came the Pinata, which was a simple paper bag with a big Dora cutout adorning it!

After the wild Pinata fun, it was time to bid adieu but not without party favours, which were packed inside the backpacks.

It was a wrap for another fun party and suddenly I was absolutely free from all the cutting, pasting, drawing and paining that had kept me amusingly busy for the last whole month. Here I am back once again off to the hullaballoo of office, home and watching H growing up till we start again for the next party!

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