Unique Baby Wearing styles

Quirky baby carriers you had never seen before!

I was a great fan of baby wearing when H was a small baby. How I miss carrying her around close to me yet be free and in full control of my hyper active baby! Now, going out with her is all about running behind her. If you too are an active member of the baby-wearing squad, I’m sure you would vouch for the benefits of baby-carriers that range from strengthening mother-baby bond to setting mothers free to do what their heart desires while they carry their baby close to them without any hassle.

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But this post is not about the benefits of baby-wearing and baby carriers but about some quirky and interesting baby-wearing ideas. Take a look, get inspired and add some fun to your baby-wearing mantra…

Running a marathon or attending a fancy dress competition, baby wearing mothers will stand out for sure with these baby-wearing costumes!


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