Make Ecofriendly Holi colour for kids at home!

holi kids.jpgThe festival of colours is just around the corner, on March 23rd to be precise. With markets stocking up on quirky pichkaris (waterguns), gulal (color powder) and balloons – the stage is all set for a riot of colours. Amid all the happiness if the fear of toxic colours and their effects on your child’s delicate skin is bogging you down to the extent that you have decided to keep them home-bound this Holi, we have a solution. Now, you can make au-natural eco-friendly Holi colours at home and let your kid enjoy the festival of colours without any inhibitions!


For making red colour, you can boil beetroot in water. You can make a concentrated concoction, which can be diluted with water to use in water guns and balloons. This colour is so safe that even if kids gulp down a few sips, they will be absolutely safe!
Red Sandalwood
Paste of red sandalwood mixed in water gives a beautiful and natural red colour, which is in fact good for your skin.
Limestone & Turmeric
Dilute some limestone (Chuna) and turmeric in water to get a beautiful red colour. Just make sure that you dilute this with a lot of water.

Gram flour & Turmeric

How about a colour, which not only adds colour to the festival but also brings glow to your skin? Mix besan (gram flour) and turmeric and you are ready with a beautiful yellow colour!
Marigold flowers
Grind some marigold flowers and use this paste to make a bright golden yellow colour.

Boil some strands of saffron in water and you will have the orange colour ready.Tesu flowers
Soak tesu flowers in water overnight for making saffron colour.
Henna / Mehendi
Mix good quality henna in water to get orange water.

Coffee boiled in water gives a shiny brown colour. Quite an unusual one but pretty nonetheless.

Go ahead and mix some indigo in water. It has no benefits but is safer than the colours available in the market.

The easiest way to make safe Holi colours is: Mixing edible colours of your choice in water and you are ready to rock your eco-friendly Holi party!

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