10 DIY Gifts for grandparents

grandmas If I could, I would throw in some extra cherries and lots of sprinkles too, while differentiating grandparents from parents. That’s what grandparents are! Extra special people who bring everything extra in the lives of their grandkids – care, love, kisses, hugs and all the mush!  

It was H’s granny’s (Nani) birthday yesterday. What a day to come into this world – International Women’s Day. H is usually excited about birthdays but since it was Nani’s first birthday with us, we were extra-excited! Obviously, she didn’t want anything grand so we limited it to a visit to her favourite place – Nariman Point, from where she could see the vast expanse of the Arabian Sea followed by a dinner. Besides bonding over stories, terrace-time, eating and naps etc, both H and Nani share a crazy love for water. Their eyes brighten up at the sight of the blue. While H wishes to become a Dolphin at the thought of the ocean, Nani can spend every evening near the sea shore, watching the waves and enjoying the cool breeze.

However, I wanted to do something special for our special woman, which also includes H. Here’s what her Birthday morning began with – her favourite girl and her favourite words – “I Love Nani.” The gift was easy to make, not expensive at all but very very very special. It went straight on Nani’s bedroom wall!

If you too are looking out for some cutesy gift ideas for grandparents, we have a list. Make your pick and make them feel extra special. After all, they are the best!

  1. I love Nani/ Granny/ Grand Pa
    To make this gallery, all you need is a chalkboard, chalk, a grandchild and your camera. Just write your message on the board, make the grandchild hold it and smile (the most challenging part!) and go click click! Frame the best three shots and there you go!

    send a hug2. Send a hug!
    Grandparents might be staying away but sending them a hug is always a possibility with this ‘send a hug’ greeting card for grandparents. via

    grandkids photodisplay3. Grandkids Photo Display
    For grand parents, happiness means having all their grandkids around them. This might not be possible for practical reasons but with this photodisplay you can for sure melt their hearts. Via

kiss grandparents

4. Post’ em a Flying kiss
No matter how wet they are, grandparents love it when grandchildren shower them with truckloads of kisses. Via

heartwarming mugs

5. Heart-warming mugs
Wrap their morning cuppa in the hands of their special people with these DIY hand-print mugs. Sipping on their favourite drink will be al the more special in these mugs. Via

apron for grandma

6. An apron for grandma
The best delicacies come out from a grandma’s kitchen! Isn’t it? How about gifting her a special apron with hand prints of all her grand kids? Via

footprint rug7. A footprint rug
Grandparents would love to know that a set of little feet are always following them when you gift them this rug with the footprints of their grandchildren. Via

fingerprint painting

8. Love on canvas
Just stick the letter cut outs on the canvas and let the grand kids put their fingerprints all over the canvas. Remove the latters and Ta-Da , the masterpiece is ready! Via

wall art

9. Sweetest allegation
Grandma or grandpa, they would love to flaunt this allegation around the house! Via

grandkids dateline
10. Personalised Grand children dateline
How about etching out the milestone dates when they were promoted from parents to grandparents in a unique wall art? Via

Do you have any special gift idea for grandparents to share? Send it to us at mutterntochter@gmail.com and we would add it here.

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