Curious Cobo: New Subscription Activity Box in Town

Curious Cobo
Curious Cobo

Today we are going to check out a recently launched subscription activity box. It’s called the ‘Curious Cobo.’ For starters, a subscription activity box contains a number of themed and age appropriate activities for kids aimed at engaging them. Hence, taking them off TV and technology. So, you get a new set of activities/ books/ goodies every month once you buy a subscription.

Coming back to Curious Cobo. Here Cobo is a Giraffe, who is all set to nudge your child’s curiosity and take him on a fun ride as he opens the box filled with fun experiments and creative craft projects.

CCTheir claim:
Introducing a brain boosting  box of wonderful ideas, collected from around the globe, and in a manner, fitting to our generation, that will help in laying the foundation for intelligence, social skills, language, speech, and self-awareness in your kids.


What's inside Curious Cobo?
What’s inside Curious Cobo?

Our COLOUR themed box of the month contained:

1. Tie & Die Handkerchief Activity: Children can learn to make their own tie&dye hanky while their fine motor skills and cognitive skills get developed as they learn to create different patterns with colours.

2. Bleeding Paper Craft Activity: Kids learn to use their imagination as they stick paper in various patterns. Their fine motor skills get enhanced and confidence gets a boost when they gift the self-made greeting card to a dear one.
3. Wooden Spin Top:
 They get a wooden top, a colourful circular disc and a white disc. As they fit one of the coloured discs on the top and rotate it, they nderstand the concept of colour mixing. And when they draw their own pattern on the white disc, their imagination gets a boost.

book4. Circus Trouble Book

Every activity comes along with a booklet with details about the instructions of performing
the activity, learning and skills enhanced while doing the activity.

What will you get every month?
  • Contains 4 to 5 hands-on projects encouraging early child development and learning in a fun way.
  • Themes designed in consultation with a team of toy/game designers, child psychologists and child education experts.
  • Projects are kid friendly and safe,utmost care is taken while selecting the materials.
  • Delivered each month in your child’s hands, sparking imagination and reinforcing/refining already acquired skill sets.

What we liked:
1. The activities are really simple to do. Projects are designed age specifically so that the kids can do them on their own or with little parental guidance.
2. All the tools required to performed a particular activity are provided inside the box. For instance, in the Tie and Dye activity you get cups, food based colours, dropper, handkerchief and thread. Except for water, everything came out of the box and we were ready to the word go!
4. The colours used were food colours, so they are completely safe.
5. They also pack a cute apron and a table mat, so you don’t have to worry about your child’s clothes even if things get messy. After all, what’s the fun, if it doesn’t get a little messy?! (They also give you a messy meter with every activity)

Ideal for: 4-8 years old.

Price: Rs.895 for one month subscription.
Rs.2085 for 3 months subscription.
Rs. 3,870 for 6 months subscription.
Rs.7,140 for 12 months subscription (Most economical!)

You can find more about Curious Cobo on their Facebook Page

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