4 Things I want to teach my kid this Valentine’s Day: Love can wait!

heart89Disclaimer: I am not at all against celebrating Valentine’s Day and the associated paraphernalia. 😉

‘Love’ – The word is a culmination of many emotions. So, I believe that Valentine’s Day is not just for couples but for all those who care for each other. While there’s time for H to understand the ‘mush-factor’  and ‘red-mania’ associated with the day, here are a few emotions I would like to teach her on Valetine’s Day to make her understand the definition of ‘love’ in true sense.

  1. Empathy: I would like my child to share and understand the feelings of others. If she can empathise with others, she will never hurt/ bully or cause harm to anyone . It is a complex emotion but an extremely important one, especially at a day and age when family size is shrinking and social evils like rape etc are rampant. A child will never hurt someone intentionally if he/she is aware of the pain he would be causing in the process. Unless she cannot empathise with someone else, she cannot understand the emotion of ‘selfless love.’
  2. Respect: I am her parent and it is my duty to teach her to be able to function in the world, where ‘being respectful’ is the stepping stone. It is important for children to be respectful to elders and courteous to friends and siblings. I will teach her to respect everyone in public or in private. Last but not the least, I will teach her to respect other’s feelings, opinions, time and space.
  3. Express gratitude: Today’s kids get things even before they express the need. (Yes, you can blame it to excited parents). So, the need of raising kids who are grateful for whatever they have becomes all the more important before they start taking their blessings and people for granted. So, this Valentine’s Day I would like to teach my girl to be thankful to her dad for that chocolate, her nanny for helping her with colouring and her granny for the storytime. People and emotions are to be valued.
  4. Care: I would like to teach my girl to grow up as a warm and approachable human being. One who cares for others. Someone who is seen as an affectionate friend, a helpful colleague and a supportive family member.

If she learns the above mentioned emotions, I’m sure she will be able to love and be loved all her life.

Do you agree with me?






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