Child development: My 3 year old already has a ‘to-do’ list

My 3 years old already has a 'to-do list
My 3 years old already has a ‘to-do list

H will turn 3 in a couple of months. According to her, she’ll be a ‘big girl’ by then. And that would make her eligible to do all that we have been stopping her to do till she becomes ‘big,’ like putting on a lipstick, using a knife, driving mommy’s car and clipping her own nails (in that order). Perhaps, I should stop worrying about baby milestones and toddler growth charts and hear her speak her mind instead.

So, there might some years for her to drive a car but that doesn’t mean she is sorted for now happily rolling her play dough and flipping through story books. My growing up child has a very well-etched ‘to-do’ list even now. Every page she turns gives her an idea and every word she hears creates a new memory file in her head – all thanks to the amount of information (or information overload, perhaps) that kids are getting today. Call it the boon or bane of exposure, kids today have far higher aspirations than what we had when we were their age.
Here’s all that my preschooler ‘wants to do’ very soon and all I want to tell her is ‘dream on baby, coz those who dream are those who make them happen!’
1. Graduate from crayons to paint and brush.
2. Replace her tricycle with a bicycle.
3. Learn swimming this summers.
4. Woller Sate (Roller skate) like the big boys and girls she saw at a mall recently.
5. Play basket ball like big kids in our society.
6. After watching snow in children’s movie Chhota Bheem on Himalayan Adventure she wants to go to Wawali (Manali) and play with snow. (Curated travel for kids?)
7. Skyy (skiing) just like Bheem
8. She wants Pooh and Pluto and Dora and Micky Mouse and Hello Kitty on her birthday. (God Save mommy!)
9. A parrot and a puppy as a pet.
10. Going to a big school
That’s for now till she wakes up with #10!

What’s on your child’s to-do list?Also read:


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