5 New Year Eve Activities to do with your kid

new year eve with kids.jpg

So, we don’t welcome the New Year grooving at one of the hottest New Year parties in Mumbai. I’m sure there must be many people like us. Even in my childhood, New Year’s Eve meant enjoying mom-cooked food, watching TV huddled inside cozy quilts (Delhi is freezing at this time of the year) till the clock struck 12. Hugs, new year wishes, new year messages, new year greetings and calling near and dear ones followed next till we slept off to a new morning of the new year.

Fortunately or unfortunately, my better half too isn’t a party animal either. Hence, till date nothing much has changed about New Year celebrations. However, with 3 year old H in the whole scene now, I am pretty keen to do something special this year to mark New Year. Some special activities for kids or New Year traditions that are celebratory, entertaining and easy at the same time.

If you too are going to have New Year at home, here are a few kids’ activities that you can plan and ring in the New Year…

balloons pop.jpg1. Balloon Pop Countdown
Take some balloons marked with an hour. You can start anywhere. I plan to start and 4 PM and end as 10 PM as that’s the maximum H can stay awake. Fill the balloons with anything – confetti, choclates, gifts, candies etc. Now the child burst one balloon at the given hour and enjoy the treat inside. By the time he/she bursts the last balloon he would know it’s New Year!
Details Here Here

balloon-drop-6.jpg2. Balloon Drop
My girl is for sure going to love this one! Which kid doesn’t love balloons! Don’t think your kid can stay away till midnight, do this at Noon and celebrate  Noon Year’s Eve Party!
Details here

Red shoe box isolated on white with clipping path
Red shoe box isolated on white with clipping path

3. Time Capsule
How about capturing the last few minutes of the year in a capsule to enjoy and some other time in future?
Details here


4. Interview
I have been waiting to do this for a long time. I will definitely give it a try. Who knows I might be able to get some relevant answers from H, who is a chatterbox only when she wants. It will be pretty funny and cute to watch the recordings later! I’ll keep the questions really simple to keep her hooked.
Details here

new year party with kids props

5. Photo booth and props
Memories can’t be complete without clicking photos. So, you can make your own New Year themed props and photo booth and go goofy with your little one and click lots of photos to bid adieu to 2015!
Check here here

Want some more fun? Watch these movies with your kids over the long New Year Weekend!

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