15 Tips To Choose The Right Day Care Center For Your Baby

How to choose a good day care for your baby (Photo: Footorints Play School & Daycare)
How to choose a good day care for your baby (Photo: Footorints Play School & Daycare)

Once a new mother decides to restart her career after the birth of her child, her most important need apart from her will-power is a good support system around her. And finding a good day care for babies comes at the top of the support pyramid needed to catapult her career once again.

“A day care centers hould not just be taking care of the day (somehow manage eating, sleeping of the child through Didi’s) but take care of the child for each day, that is to fully capitalise the opportunity to nurture and develop the child on each and every day,” says Mrs Amita Bhardwaj (Curriculum Director & Vice President- Footprints Childcare- Preschool Chain & Full Day Childcare).

A good day-care plays a major role in your child’s physical, mental, emotional and social growth and development. So, if you too are in the process, we bring to you 15 tips to find an ideal day care for your baby:

1. Ask: Ask your friends, ask your neighbours and ask your colleagues about the daycares they have chosen for their babies. There’s no better recommendation like word of mouth.
2. Location: Try to zero in a day-care that’s close to you. You don’t want your baby to travel too much.
3. Visit On Working Day: Visit the day care during working hours to check out the place in real time to see staff ratio, staff behaviour, hygiene and children’s happiness and comfort. It will also help you make your expectation real and practical. Make multiple visits if required.
4. Staff: A day care is going to be a second home for your child, so do observe how caregivers are dealing with babies on a regular basis, be it singing songs while changing diapers or responding even to an infant’s coos and a toddlers ‘whats and whys’. “Patience” has to be their biggest attribute.
5. Disciplined Yet Flexible: While it is very important to follow a schedule with babies, but at the same time, a good day care must understand that no two babies are same, so the staff has to be prepared to manage a wide awake kid while two others are enjoying their sleep.
6. Hygiene and Cleanliness: Hygiene is basic and non-negotiable to ensure baby’s good health. Apart from keeping the place clean, they should inculcate good hygiene among the kids from a young age.
7. Healthcare Professional: With many babies around, a must-have for a good day-care is the availability of a healthcare professional in the vicinity.
8. Timings and Visiting Policy: They should be flexible in accommodating your requests for extended hours in case you are busy. Also, they should allow you to visit them unannounced anytime.

How to choose a good day care for your baby (Photo: Footprints Play School & Daycare)
How to choose a good day care for your baby (Photo: Footprints Play School & Daycare)

9. Baby’s Development: You and the day-care should be on the same page when it comes to dealing with your baby’s milestones like weaning, food habits, potty training etc.
10. License: They should have all the legal permissions and documents in place.
11. Fee and Services: A day care shapes your child in early formative years that matter for a life time. This is the last place you want to compromise due to budget. Rather look at value for your money.
12. Transportation: Avoid it as much as you can at any cost. It is full of risks and hazards for young babies.
13. CCTV Cameras: Watch the CCTV footage regularly even if you blindly trust the day care. You never know when a new staff member joins and mischief begins.
14. Reference: Don’t be lazy here and don’t do all your research on the internet. Anybody can write anything on the internet (positive or negative), personally talk to as many people as you can. Don’t get biased by 1-2 people either positively or negatively.
15. Safety: Choose a day-care that follows all the measures to keep your child safe in the premises.

As we come to an end with these essential tips, Mrs Bhardwaj adds, “Finally trust yourself and allow Mother Nature to guide you”.

How to choose a good day care for your baby (Photo: Footprints Play School & Daycare)
Photo: Footprints Play School & Daycare

About Footprints Childcare-Full Day Child Care and Preschool Chain: Footprints is an international standard education based Full Day Child Care and Preschool Chain founded and managed by IIT-IIM alumni in the year 2012. It provides world class care and nurturing environment to kids for physical, mental, emotional and social growth & development. Located in Delhi-NCR, Gurgaon and Noida, Footprints offers an integrated day-care and Pre-school service that runs from 9 AM until 6.30 PM for children from 3 months to 7 years of age. The unique version that has the best of amenities like an all women staff, hospital tie-ups, CCTV and real time mobile updates also has certified trainers from the US and revolves around making play school and day-care available to all at a cost that will not burn a hole in the pocket. With learning programs that are designed to encourage and stimulate children, Footprints impart programs that are flexible to develop interest which are based on curriculum that has been researched well over 50 years and are followed in more than 20 countries and over 50,000 schools.

Footprint Official Website


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One thought on “15 Tips To Choose The Right Day Care Center For Your Baby

  1. My wife and I have been having a hard time choosing a daycare for our son, so these tips were really useful to us. I like that you suggest researching people on the internet to see if they have good or bad reviews. This would be a great way to narrow down our choices and find a place that the community seems to like. Thanks for the help!


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