7 Children’s movies your kid must watch before 2015 ends

kids movieWith winter break kick-starting in a day or two, we’re sure most of you must have already planned your holidays (Looking for specially curated holiday for your kid? Check this). However, those who don’t have any travel plans yet and are worried about keeping your cute little devils busy, at home, fret not! We have a solution.

Watch these cool kids movies with your little ones before 2015 year ends! They are good even for a second time!

snoopy1. Snoopy and Charlie Brown: The Peanuts Movie
Your kids’ favourite comic book characters Snoopy and Charlie Brown from Peanuts are up for some new adventures. This time around Snoopy finds himself as a World War I flying ace in this new 3D animation film.

the good dino2. The Good Dinosaur
The Good Dinosaur is a coming of age story on an Apatosaurus named Arlo. A must-watch feel good movie, TGD encourages kids to overcome their fears with a tale of a friendly dino.

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This Marathi movie is no fairy tale. This is an inspiring tale of siblings from Mumbai slums. Poverty stricken kids don’t resort to begging but choose education and hard work instead. Their selfless love for each other makes this story even more emotionally rich for kids.

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inside out4. Inside Out
Not just kids, Inside Out is worth watching even for adults. Pixar movies’ Inside Out explores the emotional challenges that a growing-up kid faces. But what happens when you get a peep inside the ’emotion factory’inside the kids’ brain? The movie opens your kids to the fact that in life you need ‘sadness’ to feel ‘hapiness’ in real sense.

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Minions5. Minions
Though the film about these yellow characters didn’t get a thumbs up from the grown ups, but my two year old loved them totally. So, who cares about the story when a movie gives your kid buckets full of laughter.

shaun the sheep6. Shaun The Sheep
A fun and refreshing take on family entertainment, Shaun The Sheep has no dialogues except of baas and brrs, no musical numbers and no celeb quotient, still it win hearts. It is the story of a bored sheep who decides to take a trip to the big city. But how will he get past the owner farmer?

Not a new release, but Frozen is still a rage among girls.So, if you too have an Elsa fan at home, you fave a reason to watch the film.

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