Tips for making your toddler’s first hair cut fun and easy!

Tips for happy First Hair Cut
Tips for happy First Hair Cut

So, this week we finally decided to chop off H’s curly locks, of course with a heavy heart. Those who know me, would know my fixation for her beautiful curls. But off late, the girl is going through a phase (terrific twos, you see!), where she hates  someone even touching her hair forget braiding or combing them.

Hence, mommy-papa mutually decided to take 2.5 years old H to the salon – her first time! Last time, was at the mundan ceremony when she was one. We could barely intervene then, so it was not a very happy experience (read traumatic) for all of us. And knowing H to be a hyperactive kid who can’t stand anyone touching her hair, I was very skeptical about this trip too. However, all’s well that ends well and soon my girl had an all new look. Though initially she kept complaining, “Mumma, auntie cut my pony,” but some admiration from her favourite man (papa) and she’s loving her new hair 🙂

So, here are a few tips from our own experience on how we made it easy and fun for her. (How I wish we could say this for us too! You’ll know soon why I’m saying this.)

  1. Don’t call it a hair cut: While you  tell your kid about what will happen at the salon, don’t call it a ‘hair-cut.’ We addressed the process as ‘hair style’ or ‘trimming.’ ‘Cut’ is usually associated with something painful in kiddie vocabulary.
  2. Choose the right time: Kids are very particular about their time-table. So, choose a time that doesn’t clash with their sleep time, snack time , play time or the cranky hour of the day.
  3. Both parents should accompany the kid: With two people around, one can make the kid sit on his/her lap, while the other can entertain the kid, there by distracting him from what the stranger stylist is doing with her hair. In our case, Papa did every bit to keep H busy, while I was helping the stylist get the right angles.Also Read: How to survive a movie with your baby
  4. Should you consider a kids’ salon? There’s no harm in opting for a salon that specializes in kids’ hair, especially due to their kid friendly set-up. But, taking your kid to your own salon (if they take up kids) can be a better idea when your kid watches you getting a cut before he gets it. The level of comfort makes it all the more easy for the kid to get settled. However, make sure the stylist is experienced and patient. Also, lots of attractive toys etc in a kid salon can overstimulate the kid.
  5. Skip the chair: It’s okay if your kid is not ready to sit on the chair even if it is a kid chair. Make him sit on your lap and he’ll feel more secure and safe. Luckily, H didn’t create much fuss about sitting on the kid salon chair.

    First Hair Cut: Distraction is the key!
    First Hair Cut: Distraction is the key!
  6. Distract, distract, distract: Be it with his favourite toy, book or his favourite video on your smart phone – this is the time to give it all to the kid to keep him busy. Poor Papa not only painted H’s nails but also had to paint his nails green just to keep her going on with the cut.
  7. Avoid food: For the simple reason that hair may get in the mouth with the food.
  8. Forget the cape: You may carry an extra T-shirt to make him wear over his clothes in case the kid is reluctant to wear the cape.
  9. Water or no water? H loves water, so the spray bottle was a fun addition (only for her though as papa was the target) to the whole experience. However, if your kid doesn’t like water, instruct the stylist to wet her hair using water in their hands.
  10. Don’t expect a perfect cut: First of all, choose a simple hair style as it’s not an easy task to do magic on a squirmy fidgety toddler, who can’t sit still even for a minute. Have a hair-style in mind? Bring a clear picture and discuss it with the client well before you start the ritual. The kid might not give you scope for change or discussion once he’s in chair.

If your kid doesn’t get the right look even after taking all the measures, remember – hair will grow again and there’s always a next time!

Have any first hair-cut story to share? We’re listening!

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