Gempetit: Baby and Kids Jewellery has a new destination!

Gemprtit leadAs a new parent our first concern is  to give our little ones the best – be it in quality or looks. So, when it was the time to choose my daughter’s first earring, the otherwise excited me found myself in a pool of confusion. While many popular brands lacked interesting designs, others didn’t appear suitable for my princess’ delicate skin. Hence, we had to settle in for the good old gold wire twisted at one end, which on many occasions got struck in her clothes leaving her in pain and me in search of another safer option.

That brings me to the brand that I am going to introduce today. How I wish existed two years ago!, is a great place to buy the cutest jewellery for your little ones at the ease of a click. With tagline that reads, ‘Fine jewellery, with love,’ Gempetit stocks timeless jewellery, precisely crafted in 18 K gold with a pinch of fashion, and brings to you a vast collection that’s affordable while still being high on quality.

The mom behind

Motherhood has given birth to many mom-entrepreneurs. And one such mom-preneur is Dhriti Goenka, the brain behind, Gempetit. A Merchant Banking and Financial Advertising professional, Dhriti married a Diamonteer. However it was after the birth of her son that she decided to start Gempetit, with the aim to launch India’s first children’s luxury jewellery brand.

What inspired her to start
“Every time I started to think of gifting a beloved child of a close friend or family member a memorable and stylish gift with a shelf life of beyond a few day’s wear or play, I drew a blank. Gempetit is here to help fill this gap.

Gempetit gifts serve as beautiful mementos, something to mark births and birthdays or just the requirement of a safe yet stylish piece of jewellery for your little one,” explains Dhriti.

gempetit whyWhy should one pick up jewellery from Gempetit?
“What makes Gempetit jewellery different from other brands are features like reliability, purity, designs, finish, packaging and most importantly the fact that they have been envisioned, designed, sized, handcrafted solely keeping children and their wishes and needs in mind, ” says Dhriti. Besides, Gempetit jewellery is:

  • The chic jewellery is extremely safe for kids & newborns since they are allergy free products.
  • The prices are extremely affordable ranging between Rs.4,000 – Rs.18,000.  What more? Since it’s an online set up, you don’t have to bear any inventory cost or middlemen additions.
  • The products are certified and you can get them tested.
  • Want a real Gempetit experience? You can hop on to their experience lounges in Delhi, Mumbai Udaipur & Indore.
  • The delivery/shipping is absolutely free. What more? They can give you same day delivery in Mumbai.
  • Transit Insurance : All goods will be fully insured by Gempetit until they reach you, so your purchase is 100% safe.
  • Packing: The product comes in an attractive velvet pouch housed inside custom tin boxes accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity ensconced in a charming jacket cum gift tag.

gempetit gifting

Gempetit Products
Whether you are looking at a delicate piece of jewellery for your own baby or a gift for a dear kid in family, Gempetit will definitely have something to suit your taste and budget.
While for the girls you can pick up an earring, bracelet or a pendant, the boy can be pampered with an apple pendant or a pear bracelet, which he can happily flaunt eat traditional functions in the family.

From cutesy animals and delicate bees to classic florals, Gempetit has a huge variety of designs to choose from in Yellow Gold, White Gold, Diamonds, Pearls, Enamel, Precious Gems, etc.

Keep watching this space to get a glimpse of the new collection from Gempetit.

Connect with Gempetit:


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