Little Passports India

Gift your kid an experience of a life time with Little Passports India

“Actually the best gift you could have given her was a life time of adventures…,” said Lewis Caroll in Alice in Wonderland.

And there is no bigger adventure than travelling far and wide. 2.5 years old H has been on more than 20 air travels and around 5 train journeys and every trip filled both of us with experiences (both bitter and sweet), learnings and memories to talk about. And once she grows up, I wish, she explores this beautiful world, with us, without us. If you too are a parent who believes in the concept of ‘learning by doing’ when it comes to teaching , you will definitely love this post.

What is Little Passports
Little Passports India is a unique travel company. They offer specially curated  educative travel plans for kids in the age group of 3 to 13 years.

Prachi Kagzi, Founder Little Passports India
Prachi Kagzi, Founder Little Passports India

The mind behind Little Passports India
What makes these trips special is the fact they are a brain-child of Prachi Kagzi, a travel evangelist with a penchant for kid’s destinations. She has lived in multiple cities across the globe, has traveled to more than 45 countries and most importantly is a mom to a three-year-old! So, when she claims that the tours designed by Little Passports India are not only interesting but completely safe, secure and a wholesome for your kid,  you have no option but to believe her. After all, who understands child’s needs than a mom herself!


How do they work?
These trips are organised in tandem with popular school holidays, so your child will not miss the school while travelling with Little Passports. While young kids are accompanied by their mothers, elder kids can travel alone with Prachi, who takes utmost care of their requirements, safety and learning at the same time.  They ensure no dull moment in a trip by engaging the kid in age appropriate activities and experiences on the way to exploring newer lands. While younger kids come back with truck loads of memories to cherish, elder kids attain new skills and hone present ones.

Upcoming tour by Little Passports India: December

Little Passports India
Little Passports India

The Winter tour will be to an off beat European location with medium level activities for 7 year olds and upwards. The mothers will be welcome to join if they wish to.

The tour will revolve around a new skill set development and encompass all winter activities such as husky dog sledge, snow shoe hikes etc. for fun.

Wanna connect with Little Passports India? Click here.



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