15 Birthday traditions to make your kids’ birthday extra special

Birthday Traditions that you should start this year
Birthday Traditions that you should start this year

Those who know me also know how crazy I am when it comes to birthdays – be it someone else’s or my own. And when it comes to H’s birthday, I go all out. However, I don’t believe in hiring a professional party organiser. I prefer to take the DIY route instead and do thinks in my own special way. Care to check out what all we did on my kiddo’s First Tooth bash and first and second birthdays.

Now, coming to this post. Apart from planning a party, there are little big things that you can do to add a little more zing and excitement to your child’s birthday. How about adopting a birthday tradition that you can do on every birthday? Tradition as the word suggest can be one fun ritual that you can adopt and continue doing it on your child’s birthday year after year. There’s no age limit to pampering, isn’t it? Wondering what all can you do? Here’s help…

Birthday tradition: wishbook
Birthday tradition: wishbook
  1. Create a Wish Book
    I love the concept of keeping a wishing tree, to collect guests’s wishes. But keeping them intact over the years can be a tedious job. So, to make it easy, I made a keepsake Very Hungry Caterpillar Wish Book on H’s second birthday. You can do this every year. Imagine how fun it will be to go back and read the wishes when your kid grows up!

    birthday tradition questionnaires
    birthday tradition questionnaires

    2. A Birthday Interview
    Conduct a fun interview with your kid on every birthday. It will be dollops of fun to read their answers over the years. You can create your own questionnaire or download it from here

    3. Birthday Letter
    I’m sure many of you must be already doing this. And those who are not, do give it a try. Gift all those letters to your kid when he/ she is grown up enough to understand. Don’r sweat about your writing skills, kids don’t worry about your writing skills.

    Birthday tradition: Balloons
    Birthday tradition: Balloons

    4. Balloons magic
    Tell me a kid who doesn’t love balloons. On the birthday eve, sneak into your child’s room when he/she is asleep and fill the entire room with loads of balloons and streamers. They would love to wake up to the fairyland kinda set up. Add more drama by sprinkling a confetti trail on the way from his room to living room. I’m going to do this one!

    Birthday Tradition Photoshoot
    Birthday Tradition Photoshoot

    5. Photoshoot
    How about organising an annual photoshoot with the birthday boy/girl and his favourite people and things?

    6. It’s time to do!
    “Mumma, when Hiya becomes big, she can put (wear) lipstick,” that’s how I have been stopping my 2.5 years old from applying lip colour. I’m sure even you must have set certain time limits for your kid. So, have a plan for every year. For instance, Hiya can put lipstick when she is 8. Or she can learn photography when she is 10. Make a promise and live that on the pre-decided birthday. After all, birthdays are all about growing up!


    7. Special meals in special plates
    Let the birthday kid rule the meal plans for the day. How about having a special plate for the special one for the day?

    8. Birthday Posts
    Even though they stay with you ask the grandparents and cousins of your child to send birthday cards. Kids love to read their names and address on posts. Continue this tradition even when they are adults.

    Birthday tradition growth chart
    Birthday tradition growth chart

    9. Measure the growth
    Kids love to see how much have they grown up. So, be it the size of their hand, foot or height… making a point to chart out their growth every year. Here’s a DIY Growth Chart

    10. No presents, only donations
    I became an instant fan when a friend did this on her son’s birthday. In the invite, they mentioned, “Please don’t bring gifts but bring your pre-cared toys.” The entire collection was donated at an orphanage. 

    Birthday Traition Honk
    Birthday Traition Honk

    11.  Honk!
    Sounds weird but it can be extremely funny! “Honk! It’s Hiya’s Birthday” It will be so exciting to see random people honk for its your child’s birthday. Who doesn’t want to feel a little more special. Car can be cleaned! Via

    12. One book every year
    Buy a book on every birthday. From a book on the theme of the birthday to an interest or hobby your kids are pursuing. I would love to continue with this tradition even when I am 60 and beyond!

    13. Photo slide show
    Another interesting idea to to be made into a tradition is reliving the memories. Make a photo slideshow of images of your child from birth till the current year.

    14. One gift every hour
    Make your child feel special all through the day by giving him gifts every hour. Nothing big but small things that can bring smile on his face. From sneaking them into the tiffin box to stuffing their pockets, let your imagination get wings.

    crown15. King / Queen of the day
    Let them take all the decisions on the special day – from planning the party and cake to breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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