WonderBoxx Review: Monthly subscription box for kids

Wonderboxx Review
Wonderboxx Review

This has been long pending thanks to the bout of illness that took over my household last month. Now that all is well, we finally opened the Wonderboxx and voila! I have a happy toddler that can’t take her hands off the various activities included in the box.

So, what is WonderBoxx?  It’s the answer to ‘how to keep your kids busy?’ It’s an age-specific hands-on learning tool-kits for 1 to 8 year olds. You can buy a subscription of Wonderboxx suiting your child’s age and every month you get a box with toys, books and activities based on a particular theme at your doorstep.

Review WonderBoxx: What's inside?
Review WonderBoxx: What’s inside?

We had the Todlo box, meant for 1-3 years old with “Amazing Animals” theme that gives the kid knowledge about animals, their habitats, families, actions and sounds.

Though my 2.5 years old daughter recognises most of the animals, sounds and habitats but the box piqued her interest levels nonetheless, with activities and crafts that can be used again and again in a new way.

What is inside the Wonderboxx?

WonderBoxx Review
WonderBoxx Review

Animal Family Flash Cards
These flash cards are a great way to teach kids about animals and their young ones. From making baby animal and mumma animal pairs to playing a memory game, these flash cards can be used in a number of ways.

Animal body parts blocks
Each of these blocks contain top and bottom parts of animal’s bodies, which the kids are required to join and make a complete animal.

WonderBoxx ReviewWonderBoxx Review
WonderBoxx Review

Animal Masks
We had a blast using these animal masks. We actually had an animal party with Baby H and her friends wearing these masks and then listening to their fav animal stories.

WonderBoxx Review
WonderBoxx Review

What’s that Munch?
This is a story book about an imaginary character called Munch, who loves to paint. But his friends don’t get what he paints. Baby H has lots of fun guessing what’s Munch painting.

WonderBoxx Review
WonderBoxx Review

Animal Habitat Activity
Here the kids have to paste the sticker of animals on the sheer that has its habitat. This was Hiya’s favourite activity.  How we wish it was reusable. Once, you paste the stickers, they can’t be removed and used again on the sheets. So, its kinda one time activity, though it comes with drawing sheets, which the kid can use to paint and draw.

WonderBoxx Review
WonderBoxx Review

Finger Puppets
These paper finger puppets are another lovable item inside the WonderBoxx. We have used these puppets to tell many stories to Baby H. Only problem is that they are made with paper, hence cannot stand a naughty toddler’s pulls and tugs.

WonderBoxx Review
WonderBoxx Review

Animal Action Dices
These dices feature movements and sounds of various animals intended to make your child make a sound or move according to the animal and sound/movement pair that the kid on the dice.

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What’s good: 
Any activity or game that takes my kid away from TV gets a thumbs-up from me and WonderBoxx does just that. Every time I run out of ideas to keep my kid busy, one or the other activity from the WonderBoxx comes handy.

What could have been better? Things like the puppets, mask, dices and blocks could have been made with a sturdier material and not paper. Paper is too delicate for these little devils.

Price: Rs.1500/ Box

We recommend you to definitely try the WonderBoxx once. If you buy a bigger subscription, they have discounts on offer! Buy it here.

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