Madrat Todzzle: Finally, a puzzle that could keep my toddler hooked!

Madrat Todzzle review
Madrat Todzzle review

Mumma: Hiya, let’s see what is this.
H: Ok. Mamma. Wow… nice!
Mumma: Chalo, make a train out of this. Mumma will watch.
H fiddles with it for 2 mins. Checks out the battery slot (if available), looks out for wires that she can  tug and pull. (If any)
(Leaves it after 2..3.. or max 5 minutes.)
Mumma, you make, Hiya will watch!  (Spralws on the sofa balancing her head on her tiny elbow)
Mumma: Faints

So, that’s a typical scene in our house every time I introduce my girl to a new toy with a hope that it will manage to hold her attention a little more that 4-5 minutes. But, my chatterbox is more interested in playing with people (read , mumma, papa, nani playing her patients and students.) However, the all new Todzzle, by MadRat games could finally do some magic and got H hooked! Yes, she totally loves it.

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Toddzle : A roly poly fridge game
Todzzle : A roly poly fridge game

What is Todzzle?
Todzzle is an interesting magnetic puzzle for kids aged 2-4. Brought to you by MadRat games, this puzzle can be fixed on your fridge/ almirah and while you do your work, your little one puts his brain to the right use solving the puzzle.

We received the Cars and Planes themed Todzzle for review. Though my 2.5 years old is alien to the concept of the review but she knows that anything packed is a ‘gift’ and she loves ‘gift.’ So, while opening it, she was excited and I kept my fingers crossed.

1 Double sided glow in dark Magnetic Scroll
19 magnetic object cut outs
Mommy Tracker
Magic Beans

I’ll begin with Magic Beans: These are tiny seeds that they send along with every Todzzle for you to sow and see sprout. This is their way of giving back to Mother Earth in lieu of the paper used in the making of Todzzle. Worth appreciating!

Toddzzle Review: Double sided magnetic mat with night scene (left) and day scene (right)
Todzzle Review: Double sided magnetic mat with night scene (left) and day scene (right)

How do we play with Todzzle
The basic idea behind this puzzle is to give you interactive playing time with your child as you do some other chore. So, while I was busy doing some cleaning, we placed the magnetic scroll on the iron cupboard, at a convenient height. The mommy scroll goes above it for reference. Now, H starts putting the magnetic objects on the scroll according to the shapes and colours. She can always go to the mommy tracker for reference.

The double sided scroll has a glow-in-dark night scene at the back.

Todzzle triggers your child’s thinking and understanding at three levels as it gives you an option to do three types of activities with the child.

  1. Find Me
    Find the shapes on the scroll and stick the magentic objects on it.

    Toddzle Review: Find me
    Todzzle Review: Find me
  2. Tell me
    Here you can ask your child easy and simple questions like finding shapes, colours, sizes and alphabets using the magnetic objects and the scroll. For instance, you can ask him to pull out an object with alphabet ‘A’ or a red car or what can you see at night? Use your imagination and the book, which also gives you many hints.

    Toddzle Review: 19 Magnetic objects
    Todzzle Review: 19 Magnetic objects
  3. Read Me
    This is H’s fav part. The Cars & Planes story book. Here I read her Baby BooBoo’s story of coming back home to his mom riding on various modes of transports. The pictures catch the child’s fancy and various sounds like Toot Toot and Coo Coo keep them entertained. All this while, the child can actually touch those vehicles as he listens to the story.

    Toddzle: Read me the story book
    Toddzle: Read me the story book

I am a happy mommy right now as my girl got hooked to Todzzle from the word go. She pulls it out on her own, asks me to stick it on the fridge and starts matching the shapes with objects. A great way to take them off TV and iPads, Todzzle nourishes their brains and keeps them entertained at the same time. In fact, I was surprised to see H cooking up her own story and narrating it to her favourite lovies. A great push to little imaginations!

Fine print:
What’s good:
All the components of Todzzle come housed inside a sturdy cylindrical box, which is convenient for storage of the game too. The colours are catchy and the 19 magnetic objects are good enough to offer ample of playing and learning options to the young ones. So, far I had not introduced H to transports like sail boat, speed boat, ambulance, fire brigade etc. which she very well knows after playing with Todzzle.

What could have been better: The magnets on the mommy trackers could have been sturdier, my 2.5 year old ripped it apart in one go. May be she’s too young to handle it nicely. However, we are managing it well just like that too.

Price: Very reasonably priced at just Rs.700!

On the whole, MadRat Games deserve full points for making a game that can keep the toddlers busy while mothers cook or clean.


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