10 Mothers reveal weird reasons why kids cry! 7th will make you go ROFL!

Hilarious reasons why kids cry
Hilarious reasons why kids cry

Babies, toddlers and kids can cry for strangest of reasons. The earlier to believe it, the better you’ll be able to handle the situation. (But, is there a way to handle the li’l monsters, when they have decided to howl?). We asked moms about reasons why their kids cried and we got a bizzare and of course hilarious list. Do read it till the end…

I’ll begin with one of my own experiences…

1. Baby H cried her lungs out because she wished and kissed her Teddy good night and poor teddy didn’t respond back.

2. My elder one, when she was 2, cried non-stop for an hour because I failed to stick her shoe on the wall – Chirantani Dey

3. My 5 month old cries when the fan doesn’t rotate when he talks to it. – Deepanvita Gupta

4. My daughter wanted Hanumanji’s (Indian God) tail and my son wanted a penguin for a pet. – Smriti Somani

5. My 18 months old boy cried in the middle of night to wear his fav underpants having mcqueen car print and I had to give in by making him wear that over his pyjamas.. at 2 am. crazy boy!  – Aditi Shailendra

6. The craziest things he has done until just a little while ago is after a haircut, picking up all the cut hair and trying to “stick” it back on his head while crying and screaming. – Kalyani Pardeshi

7. My little one cried because I flushed his poo. He wanted to do it. Now i ask him a zillion times before flushing. – Hemalatha Shravan Pai

8. My son had a screaming match because I was making him write his numbers down the page instead of across. Apparently there is only one way to write. – Vaheesta Bhesadia

9. Opening a wrapper that my lo wanted to open. Trying to stick pieces of chocolates back together. –
Clarissa Johnson

10.  If I or my husband accidentally take a sip or bite from my baby’s portion, he would straight-away yell thooko thooko (spit it out). That becomes extremely embarrassing when he does it while we eat out. – Aditi Shailendra

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