Father’s Day Spl: Letters from fathers #CozFathersAreSpecial

Have you ever received a letter from your Father? I never did. Today when my father is at a happy place, I wonder if he had ever written a letter to me, what he would have written?  And that leaves me with many memories, some questions and many blank spaces, which I wish he could have ever filled. So, as a part of Father’s Day celebration on MutterNTochter, I bring you two letters written by dads to their daughters. #CozDadsAreSpecial. And I miss mine!

Papa Kunal to Daughter Mili

Father's Day Special: Letters from Father
Father’s Day Special: Letters from Father

Dear Maithili

When I started writing this, I thought about writing this only for you but then I realized that this is not only for my daughter but for all of our future sons and daughters. Why your son??? Well, your son might be my daughter’s future husband or vice versa…he he. Or your daughter’s decisions might be the ones to drastically influence my daughter.

The possibilities are endless, that’s the reason it’s for all daughters and sons. After all, isn’t it our responsibility to tell them what we have learnt over the years? It is … I think. So, here are few things I would like to tell them before they start their journey of life. It’s entirely up to them whether they want to take it or not but I would be happy even if they take some of them and use them as and when required.

1. Always be honest to yourself and embrace your unique and imperfect self. I want to tell you that no one is perfect.
It is you who define:
a. Your Life
b. Your Lifestyle.
c. Your Career.
d. Your Choices.
You define yourself, no one else can.

2. Do what you Love doing.
Don’t do things because you have to or you should. Do it because you want to or you like/love to. You don’t have to do it because I or your mom would be happy about it rather do it if that makes you happy. Find your passion then figure out a way to do it every day. And if you can’t figure out a way – I’ll help you create a way.

3. Take the ownership and responsibility of your decisions even if you fail. Doesn’t matter. Failures are just a part of the process. Failures teach you more than success does.

4. Be grateful and appreciate small things in life. Don’t keep waiting for big events to happen rather enjoy every moment and make it an event.

5. Always have your opinion. Speak up and stand up. You should have clarity of thoughts and that’s how you have your opinion. Good, Bad, Ugly it doesn’t matter.

6. Take Risks. It’s important to live smart in life but it’s equally important to live passionately. You should take risks in life. The greatest moments of your life will come from putting yourself out there and taking chances. You may win, you may not – but at least you tried. Don’t worry – I’ll always be there to help you whenever and wherever you need me.
“If you want it, go for it. Take risk. Don’t always play it safe or you’ll die wondering.”
Because in the end, we only REGRET the chances we didn’t take.

7. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it because you are a woman. If they do tell you that just show them the Middle finger and go out there and just do it.

8. Know yourself – Always stay Positive. Go places alone. Get to know yourself. Do things to grow, learn and develop. Meditate. Practice mindfulness. If you’re healthy and still on the inside, the external won’t matter as much. The internal should be, for the most part, the beginning and end of all that you do.

9. Read & Travel. Reading and travelling are two things you should be doing in your life. Read lot of books as books are not made of pages and words. They are made of Hopes, Dreams & Possibilities.
“Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.”
Frederick Douglas
Travel while you are young and able and never worry about money because experience is far more valuable than money will ever be.

“Travelling – It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”
Ibn Batuta

10. Last but not the least, My dear Maithili always remember I Love You the most. I’m always there for you and will stand by you, come what may. I would always give you my opinion but will respect your decisions.

Lots of love,

Bhaskar Baroi who doesn’t prefer to express his feelings on social platforms agreed to write a letter to his daughters on our request. Here it goes…

Letter from Fathers: Father's Day Special
Letter from Fathers: Father’s Day Special

Dear Anuttara & Aaheli,

On this Fathers Day I wish for a long healthy and happy life for my two lovely daughters, Anuttara and Aaheli. I hope to always be able to take care of them and meet all their needs, especially till they become adults. I would, on this day, also advise them that they must aspire to be good human beings and treat everyone, whether older or younger, with respect. I am happy to be their father and they make me proud everyday in their own little ways.


Do you have a letter to write to your kid? We would love to read it. You can write to me at mutterntochter@gmail.com.

Happy Father’s Day!

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