Educational toys: Doll that gets sunburned if not applied sunscreen, any takers?


Nivea has developed a doll that teaches your kids the importance of applying sunscreen. Made with UV-sensitive material, when exposed to sun without sunscreen, the doll turns red just like our skin reacts to sun.  The doll will be safe if it has been lathered with sunscreen. Do you think such a doll should be invented in India also? Would you buy it?

Considering the heatwave enveloping India these days,  swimming classes,  beach trips an all that, I think it is a fun idea. Especially since teaching kids using toys and stories is much easier and we mommies do that every day. So, a toy that tells them that you would turn red, if you don’t apply that cream is a cutesy educational toy. If you have a toddler like mine who hates being touched (Mumma, no tuch Hiya!, is what she says) but love stories and eats, drinks, sleeps with her fav Pluto, I think this toy is a nice idea. Not indispensable but not irrelevant also. When they can sell those make-up kits for little girls that don’t do much good to them, this toy should find takers, if launched in India.

What do you say?

Watch the video of the Nivea Doll in action here…


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