Review: Nasobuddy Nasal Aspirator

One of the most common and nagging problem for me and H in the last two ears has been – blocked nose. We have spent many sleepless nights trying to ease H when she was unable to breathe due to the blocked nose. From home remedies of cold and congestion to saline water and steam, we tried almost every possible solution to treat H’s blocked nose. Since kids neither know how to breathe through their mouths nor they know how to blow out mucus, blocked nose and congestion becomes a tricky situation to deal with.

Apart from discomfort, lack of food intake was another major by product of blocked nose that added to my worries as a mother. We also tried a couple of nasal aspirators also but most of the time H didn’t allow me to put it inside the nostril, and when she did, the aspirator didn’t fit in as the shape didn’t suit the Indian nose.

Recently, I tried Nasobuddy, a nasal aspirator, which is specially designed for Indian noses. I wish I knew about Nasbuddy before but better late than never as it can be used for kids up to 5 years of age.

The product

Nasobuddy Nasal Aspirator
Nasobuddy Nasal Aspirator

Nasobuddy comes packed in a cloth bag, which is placed inside a box.

Nasobuddy Components
Nasobuddy Components

It comes with a detailed instruction and FAQ manual apart from pictorial usage instructions clearly printed at the back of the packing.



      A.Collecting tube
      B.Cap (with filter)
      C.Soft tube
      D.Yellow mouthpiece

How to use it:
– Place the tip of collecting tube against the nostril, creating a seal
– Use yellow mouthpiece to “SUCK OUT” mucus (sounds weird, but this way of usage gives you a better control over the sucking motion as against the other bulb like aspirators).You will see mucus collecting in tube.

Nasobuddy filters
Nasobuddy filters

Nasalbuddy comes with disposable filters, which can be changed after every use. The collectible tube can be washed with soap and tap water. After washing, insert a new filter for next use and firmly snap on dry components together.

How is Nasobuddy better than other Aspirators?
Since, Nasobuddy never goes inside your child’s nostril, it does not irritate the sensitive skin inside the baby’s nose. Hence, it is not only safer but also convenient to use. As mentioned earlier, you are in more control while using this aspirator.
The manufacturers claim that Nasobuddy is made up of non-allergenic, latex-free, BPA-free, and phthalate-free polypropylene in eco friendly clean environment.

For better usage:
For better results using Nasobuddy, manufacturers recommend putting a few drops of pediatric saline solution in each nostril will help loosen mucus

Price: Rs. 359

Where to buy?
Nasobuddy is available here.


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