School admissions: 15 Questions a parent must ask while choosing a play school

How to choose a playschool?
How to choose a playschool?

Today, I asked the qualification and experience of the principal of the school that we were considering for H. After a surprised look, the centre head gave me a confused and unsatisfying reply, which helped me make up my mind about ‘not’ sending my girl to that school.

Yes, we are on mission admission these days. Baby H is not a baby any more.  She’s growing up into a little girl, who will soon hop out of my arms and explore the world outside. Just like any other mom, I turn into a bundle of nerves at the thought of sending her out all alone. But rather than worrying, I have decided to ‘ask’ questions and clear my doubts about the school that I am considering for H. After all, she’s going to spend a considerable amount of time of her day at the school.

So, here are the 15 questions that every parent must ask while choosing a play school for their kids…

1. How do they address the issue of your child’s safety?
2. How long the school been there?
3. How big is the class room and what is the student-teacher ratio?
4. What will your child’s typical day at school look like?
5. What kind of play spaces exist in the school? (Outdoor/ indoor)
6. What is their learning model?
(Theme based, story based, game based)
7. Will they assist your kid as you potty train him/her at home? (Chances are high that you would be potty training your kid when he goes to play school)
8. How long have the teachers been there? What is their experience and education?
9. Does the school follow a transparent policy when it comes to communicating with the parents?
10. How does the school take care of your child’s socio-emotional issues and disciplinary issues?
(Hitting/ shouting / learning / trouble making / stubbornness/ to share / being polite etc. are a few socio-issues that are to be addressed during this age. How do they deal with such needs?)
11. Are they well equipped to handle medical emergencies?
12. Do they use technology in school? If yes, how often are the kids exposed to technology during a week?
13. Are the teachers trained to assess if a child is a slow learning or has special needs that need special attention? How would they assist him/her?
14. Do they have an all female staff policy?
(In school buses, helpers etc.)
15. Can you get the name and numbers of other parents, whose kids already study at the school? (A good school will never hesitate in sharing references)

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Do you have a question to add into my list? Please share it as a comment and we’ll add it into the list.

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