Quick ‘parenting’ questions with celebrity mom Kajol

Kajol talks parenting at Huggies India event
Kajol talks parenting at Huggies India event

Kajol is one of my favourite actresses and what makes her win brownie points is the fact that she is an awesome mom too!

At least that’s what I had read and heard about the celebrity mommy.So, when I got a chance to ask her some quick questions at a little delayed but nevertheless awesome event hosted by Huggies India, I knew it was the chance to know her better.

And voila, who I met was a quintessential ‘mom’ behind my fav fav actress . (Yes, that was my fan girl moment!) This chatterbox of a mommy might be the biggest star for the rest of the world but back home she’s a strict mom with her own set of insecurities, fears and of course strengths just like you and me. Even gets hyper and even she has had her crazy mommy moments like freaking out when someone touched her new born Nyasa sans a sanitizer and what not!

So, here are her answers…

When did you start disciplining your kids?
You have to hear this answer directly from the horses’ mouth…

How do you manage to make those babies giggle and wiggle with you in the Huggies TVC?
Kajol: Trust me, babies love and understand honesty. Just give them an honest smile, straight from the heart and they will smile back at you for sure. However, during the shoots they call the shots and we follow them and of course, lot’s of good editing also helps 😉

Is being a celebrity mom tough?
Kajol: It is tough but I would say being a mom is the toughest thing. You are constantly under the pressure of doing it right. Since forever, it has been a Mom’s responsibility to see if her kids are growing up right. Are they strong enough to stand the pressures of life. It is a mom who is questioned all the time and that makes being a mother the biggest responsibility. And being a celeb mom comes with an added responsibility of keeping your kids grounded and closer to reality as much as you can.

One health tip that you swear by!
Kajol: One of the biggest gifts that you can give your child is to maintain a good hygiene. Try to understand the science behind the hand washing ritual that our grannies and great grannies made us do before every meal. After all, precaution is better than cure.

Do you feel guilty when you have to step out leaving your kids behind? How do you deal with it?
Kajol: I tried to stay with them as much as I could, keeping my profession on the side when my kids needed me. However, guilt will always remain there. All I can say is forgive yourself and don’t take it seriously. A mom knows her child the best!

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