10 Unique ways to display family photos

Photo Display Ideas: Family Photo Clock
Photo Display Ideas: Family Photo Clock


I attach a lot of value to memories. And the easiest way to freeze the memories forever is photos.

At my home, major decoration happens with photos. From family portraits to our travel clicks, you’ll find the best of them adorning one or the other nook or accessory at my home. Not only the pictures add beauty but solve another purpose. Thanks to them, Baby H constantly gets to see and know her extended family (grand pa, granny, uncles, aunts & cousins), that lives in a different city.

The photo gallery that I recently added to my home is this ‘Family Time Photo Wall Clock.’ Though it was a tedious job (the clock like placement called for a lots of calculation) to get it done on a big bare wall but the final outcome was worth all the effort. It is one of the favourite spots for Baby H. Every now and then you can spot her standing in front of the photos and remembering her Tatha (GrandPa), Ajji (Granny) & Nani.

With that addition, let’s take a look at some more interesting ways to display your family photos at home…

Photo display options
Photo display options

1. Gallery The most common way to display pictures is to arrange them in a gallery. This one sits happy in my living room. I have chosen frames in identical shape and size, you can go for differently sized too. Just keep the colour scheme in mind and let your imagination do the talking.

2. Photo blocks This is yet another cute way to keep your pictures handy. Made with wooden blocks and modge podge they can make a nice gift too. Check out the tutorial here.

3. DIY Photo wreath With simple stuff available at home, cardboard and clothes-clips to be precise you can make this brilliant photo wreath. Easy on pocket, this one gives you the advantage to change the pictures whenever you have a fresh set of clicks. Check out the tutorial of DIY Photo wreath here.

Photo Display Options
Photo Display Options

4. Photo Corner Who says only walls can be made happy with photos. Check out this otherwise useless corner pepped up with a photo gallery. Told you, just a little thought can make a difference! Via: Mr.Kate.com

5. Instagram wall Just get your Instagram shots printed and string them on your bedroom wall with the help of clothespins to make a dramatic and eclectic backdrop. Via: HerCampus.com

6. The Staircase Gallery The wall in the staircase is often ignored. How about giving the staircase wall a beautiful makeover by arranging your favourite pictures in gallery? Via: PotteryBarn

Photo Display Options
Photo Display Options

7. Photos in a Jar Looking for a valuable use of those old glass jars? Transform them into these beautiful photo frames in a few easy steps. They can be a major talking point when guests are around. You can also beautify the jars by adding knick-knacks, like a photo clicked on beach can be accentuated with shells etc. Via: Home-Edit

8. Photo Magnets using jar lids You will never throw away those jar lids, if we tell you that you can transform them into unique photo magnets for your fridge, Don’t believe us, check out here.

9. Photo Coasters How about converting your gorgeous travel shots or yummiliscious food shots into beautiful coasters? Check out the tutorial here and here

10. Photo Luminaries Another interesting and gorgeous way to display your pictures is to transform them into candles. Here’s the tutorial.


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