Movie Review: PK

This was a part of my job before Baby H came into our lives. After very long went for a first day, first show of Aamir Khan’s much talked about movie, PK, so, here’s the review:


In one of the scenes of the film, PK is frantically checking newborn babies bodies from all the sides and angles. When quizzed by a doctor about what is he actually searching, he innocently says, ‘Thappa (stamp)’ – one that God puts to differentiate the babies according to their religions but unfortunately he couldn’t find any. Realisation dawns upon him that God made everyone same, it is men who has created divisions based on caste, creed, colour and religion. And that’s the crux of the much-awaited film of the year, PK, where director Raj Kumar Hirani reiterates the fact that the so called Godmen have converted religion into a business, that neither requires capital nor need marketing but gives 100 % profit.

Does it sound familiar? Well, you are not alone, even we thought we heard this story before’. Last time it was Paresh Rawal in the film OMG! Oh My God, who had filed a case against God, this time it is PF, who is busy trying to search the Almight by disseminating leaflets reading, ‘Laapata’ over a picture of various Gods including, ‘Ram, Shiva, Hanuman, Lakshmi etc.’ But why does he want to find God? Well, he has lost something and to find that he needs the divine intervention. During his search he comes across news reporter Jagat Janani aka Jaggu, who thinks that her parents could not have done anything worse than naming her so. She joins him in his search to find what he has lost. Will they succeed? I won’t tell you! Find out as you watch the movie.

Does that mean PK is just like OMG? Well, no. Except for the theme, nothing else is similar. Hirani has given the plot a very different treatment and made it a unique film filled with fun emotional moments and of course food for thought making it an enjoyable ride for the audience. It is worth appreciating how without going over preachy he gives out the message that every Pakistani Muslim is not a cheat. If only, the Godmen part was not stretched too much and a little focus was given on building up Aamir Khan’s character, the film could have been flawless. Audience would have enjoyed some more details and evolution of Aamir’s character. It develops very fast. Watch the movie and you will know what we are talking about.

Characterization forms and integral part of every good movie. And the casting director deserves a pat on his back for choosing right people together. From Saurabh Shukla as the conniving guru to Anushka Sharma as a young student and Boman Irani as a News Channel head, the choices are just right. While Aamir is at the top of his act, his ears and eyes too have played their part well. Ace of the trade, Aamir gets most of it right – then be it comedy or emotional scene. Talking more about his character will spoil your movie experience. So, we’ll move ahead. Anushka with her botoxed lips gives a balanced performance. Sushant Singh Rajput manages to touch your heart in the cameo. Boman Irani hits the bull’s eye playing a News Channel head, while Sanjay ‘Santa like’ Dutt is too cute as a Rajasthani. Saurabh Shukla is impressive.

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Music of the film is soothing, though one song that stays with you and runs on a loop in your mind is – ‘Love is a bhaste of time.’ Tharki chokro is foot tapping but more interesting is the timing of the song in the film. Cinematography is good specially the scenes shot in Rajasthan.

Shah rukh Khan tweets first photo of AbRam

It would not be wrong to say that PK would have got a ‘never seen before’ moniker but unfortunately, OMG is still fresh in our minds. And even the character PK’s existence isn’t eye popping anymore, specially when we have seen so many sci-fi films. But having said that, the auditorium was echoing with laughs all through the movie and audiences ended the film with a thundering round of applause. And I think that exactly is the sign of film that’s actually worth it! So, go ahead and watch this fun-film along with your family and don’t miss the surprise at the end! It’s delicious ๐Ÿ˜‰ And yes, Aamir Khan has gone nude for PK.

Rating: 3.5



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