Ammi, don’t cry! I am fine.

Letter from a child who lost his life the day Humanity breathed its last…

Don't cry Ammi, I'm fine!
Don’t cry Ammi, I’m fine!

Ammi, don’t cry! I am fine.

Am I? Yes, I am.

But I was happier with you.

They’re saying I’m closer to Allah now…

But I loved it more with Abba & how!

Allah is good Ammi, he made me sleep in his lap…

Though I had to leave for Imran, Ali & Sakina were waiting to take a nap.

I was reading my book, when they came…

Started firing bullets, like I did in the video game.

I was scared Ammi, when Sakina was bleeding…

She cried first & then I thought she was sleeping.

I held her hand, asked her to run…

Little did I know, next was my turn.

I didn’t see his face but looked into his eyes…

He was like me, but didn’t care for cries.

I wish he knew this wasn’t a game

No extra lives, no powers in this came.

Is this what is called death, Ammi?

Why didn’t you prepare me for this?

If you had, I could have given it a miss!

Is death bad Ammi? Will I ever see you again?

They’re saying I won’t & all your prayers were for vein.

But I trust Allah, as you do…

Ask Him, why this happened to me & you.

Who were they & why they did us bad?

Teacher said, good children never get sad.

Did the teacher lie? I was always good.

You said, Allah was there wherever kids stood.

Don’t cry Ammi, I am fine.

Am I? Yes, I am trying.


5 thoughts on “Ammi, don’t cry! I am fine.

  1. Krishna Bless them.

    पेशावर में १३० बच्चो का आतंकवादी हमलों में क़त्ल हो गया, ये उन्ही लोगों की जात है जो कभी संसद पर, कभी ताज में, कभी ट्रेन में, कभी मॉल में कभी बाजार में बम रखते है, ये मानववादी नही है, ये एक आसमानी किताब की बदौलत बहकाए गए जानवर जिनपर लोग चुप है, शर्म करो पाकिस्तान की जब यही लोग मुंबई में हमला करते तो तुम जश्न मनाते हो और जब तुम्हें तुम्हारे ही सांप दंसते है तो हिन्द रोता है, तुम्हारी फिक्र हम एक बाप के नाते करते है, संभल जाओ वरना आजादी छीन लेंगे हम, हम ऐसे मरते नही देख सकते, हम तुम्हारी चुप्पी नही देख सकते, हफजल और उनके यारो की यारी से बाहर आओ, निर्दोशो की लाशें मत बिछ्वाओ, बंद करो जेहाद का खेल, मान लो अब सुधर जाओ..

    अपनी मर्जी से तो मजहब भी नहीं उसने चुना था,
    उसका मज़हब था जो माँ बाप से ही उसने
    विरासत में लिया था
    अपने माँ बाप चुने कोई ये मुमकिन ही कहाँ है
    मुल्क में मर्ज़ी थी उसकी , न वतन उसकी रजा से
    वो तो कुल नौ ही बरस का था उसे क्यों चुनकर,
    फिरकादाराना फसादात ने कल क़त्ल किया


  2. What you have nurtured over the years has come back to you as a tight SLAP
    Atleast now understand that terrorism is not the solution or option and nobody or no nation gains from it
    If u want to fight for the sake of Islam, ************* understand Islam first and its preachings before you making a statement that we are doing it as jihad
    Islam wants jihad against the bad & Evil inside you by not giving in to Satan and killing the Satan in your mind and not killing any other soul
    You have no right to take away or break something that is not yours
    First understand the principles of Islam and then talk about what islam wants from you
    Taliban you too will have something in store for you there is God and note it down What goes around comes around today or tomorrow you will be repaid
    Dread the day of resurrection……… dont kill you are not God who can take away what He the ALMIGHTY has given Shame on you and dont dare call your self Muslims or Jihadis coz Islam neither does for this nor does it preach this


  3. My heart bleeds hard for these innocent children. How cruel could any one get to massacre such angels?!
    Shame on our leaders especially mr. PM for still keeping silent…


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