MnT Review: Dust Jacket Photobook by Photojaanic photo store

Photojaanic Dust Jacket Album

Photojaanic Dust Jacket Album

I love to click, I love to get clicked. Pictures are a form of expression, they can tell stories, they can transpose you into a different world. For me, the past comes alive in pictures. People, who are far away come close and dear ones who left me forever come alive in clicks. Even in the times of digital photos and phone cams, I still prefer my photos printed. And one such photo print store that I recently tried was Photojaanic.

They have a variety of products on offer, which can be personalised with your pictures. including photo books, water bottles, posters and key chains to name a few. I decided to order the Dust Jacket Photobook (8 inches X 11 inches).

Photojaanic Dust Jacket Album
Photojaanic Dust Jacket Album

Our experience
The user friendly website makes creating your photobook really easy. In a few steps you can upload your pictures and voila, you are ready to create your photo album for any occasion. To make things really easy for you, they bring to you photo albums in pre-designed themes including birthday, marriage, travel, Christmas Day and Valentine’s Day.

To make your chosen design all the more interesting, they have 20 looks within the themes like boy, girl, urban, globetrotting exploration, elegant etc to choose from. And for those who don’t believe in sticking to parameters and prefer following their own imagination, they have a custom option too!

The Product
The Dust Jacket book is a hard cover black linen book covered with personalized dust jacket. The jacket can be personalize with your photo and text. I really like the feel of the dust jacket, it gave my album a coffee table book kinda feel. Each book starts with 10 sheets, printable on both sides, which makes it 20. If required, you can add additional pages at extra cost.

Payment & Shipping
They accept all major credit cards and net banking facility, though there is no option of cash on delivery. After the order, we received the product within 3 days as committed on the website.

Final finish 
My album reached us safely packed in a cardboard box. The finish was perfect and there was no difference in what we saw on screen and what reached us. The picture clarity was up to the mark.

What we liked?
Value for money.
Easy process.
Simple and elegant designs.
Quick delivery.

What we didn’t like?
They should offer free shipping over a particular amount of order.

The 8X11 Dust Jacket Album is priced at Rs.1499 and if you want to add 2 extra pages, you’ll need to pay Rs. 60 extra.
The prices are exclusive of taxes and shipment cost.

MnT Rating: 4/5

Already kicked up about creating your own album? Click here!




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