Raksha Bandhan Spl: 7 Handmade Rakhi ideas you must try!

Hand-made Rakhis have a charm of their own. Though, buying ready-made ones is any day an easy option and gives variety too, but can it translate love like a rakhi made by the sister herself? Raksha Bandhan is on August 18, 2016. So, you still have time to create some beautiful and unique handmade Rakhis for the brothers.

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Here’s some inspiration on how to make handmade Rakhi…

Reusable Handmade Rakhi
Reusable Handmade Rakhi

1. Reusable Rakhis made by Quilling technique: I made these Rakhis for Baby H’s cousins and my cousins. Made with easy quilling technique these Rakhis are not only cute to look at but are also reusable. I never liked the fact after a couple of days and even hours the pretty and pricey Rakhi becomes useless. So, these Rakhis double up as stickers that can be placed anywhere you like – from bags and cupboards to tables and just anywhere. Once the festival is over, all one needs to do is, turn around the rakhi, cut the strings and remove the layer off the double sided tape and stick the Rakhi to decorate any place you want.

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Personalised Alphabets rakhi
Personalised Initials Rakhi

2. Personalised Initials Rakhis: I am fascinated with personalised stuff. I love alphabets and letters too. So, just thought of gifting my young cousins these cool personalised Rakhis, with their initials. Even these have double sided tapes at the back, which can help them attach anywhere. The Rakhis are sturdy as we have layered them generously  with modge-podge. So, they will last long just like the memories.

Cars & Planes Rakhi
Cars & Planes Rakhi

3. Cartoon Rakhi:  ArtsyCraftsyMom will teach you how to make these cutesy kiddie rakhi here. With a little assistance, your girl would have a blast making these.

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Soft Rakhi Bracelet
Soft Rakhi Bracelet

4. Soft Rakhi Bracelet:  Palak brings a fuss-free alternative to a Rakhi – a bracelet. This one looks perfect for the newborn brother as its soft, comfortable and does not have any element that may hurt the delicate little one.

Felt Pinwheel Rakhi
Felt Pinwheel Rakhi

5. Felt Pinwheel Rakhi:These tiny pinwheel rakhi are again shouting pick-me-up! Baby H loves pin-wheel, so we are trying these for sure!

Craft Foam Rakhi
Craft Foam Rakhi

6. Craft foam Rakhi: Another easy approach to making Rakhi at home is using craft foam. Learn it here.

Wool Yarn Rakhi
Wool Yarn Rakhi

7. Wool Yarn Rakhi: Learn to make handmade Rahi using wool yarn and buttons at Mom-Labs.

Raksha Bandhan in an Indian festival where sisters tie Rakhi on their brothers’ wrists and pray for their well-being, while brother shower the sisters with gifts, blessings and a promise to protect them always.

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11 thoughts on “Raksha Bandhan Spl: 7 Handmade Rakhi ideas you must try!

  1. Love these ideas. Could you please let me know how you made Personalised Initials Rakhis? Where did you buy the initials from? Thank you in advance for any tips.


  2. hey thanks for linking my rakhis here..but it is not a good practice to use anybody’s pictures without their permission lest informing them. I am happy that you gave the link to my post, but just be cautious in this space if you are using somone else’s pictures..just let them know 🙂
    P.S I loved your quilled rakhis!


    1. Hey Lavina,

      There were no wrong intentions in using the pictures. Also I thought, giving a credted link back is as good as a shout out. STill, will take care in future 🙂 And thanks for liking my Rakhis 🙂


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