Personalised, handmade Raksha Bandhan gifts / return gifts

Personalised & Handmade Raksha Bandhan Gifts / Return Gifts
Personalised & Handmade Raksha Bandhan Gifts / Return Gifts

Wondering what gifts to pick up for little brothers and sisters this Rakhi? Nothing expresses love like a handmade gift. But if you cannot make one yourself, here’s help. Check out some really cool personalised and handmade Raksha Bandhan gifts…

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1. Passport Covers: From personalised passport covers to pillow covers and bag packs with your child’s name to cutesy organisers, there’s a lot to choose from at Aisha’s Creations.
Facebook Page: Aaisha’s Creations

2. Customised Books: Books always make a perfect gift is what I believe. But when your little one is the hero / heroine in his /her favourite fairy tale, the book becomes all the more special. How about customising kid’s favourite book with him in the story?
Get it here: Customised Books

3. Handmade Album:  How about getting the brother-sister moments intact in a beautiful and personalised handmade album? Or a shadow box with brother or sister’s pictures and memories? Handmade With Love can do it for you.
Connect with them here: Handmade With Love

4. Persinalised Stationery: When it comes to kids, stationery is always a hot gifting option. And Cupik Design has a whole rage of cool name stickers, notebooks and bag-tags printed with the child’s name. What more they have personalised water bottles too!
Buy them here: Cupik Design

5. Sling Bags:  From sling bags for the sisters to car pouches to roll up the boy’s favourite machines. Little Ones Shop has many handmade gifts to choose for the little ones.
Connect here: Lil Ones Shop

6. Memory Boxes: The photo display flip albums and memory boxes by Happy Momentzz are ideal gift to strengthen the brother-sister bond this Raksha Bandhan. This can work for adults too!
Check out here: Happy Momentzz

7. Personalised pouches & magnets: Craftworld brings to you cool nameplates, personalised magnets, pouches and a lot more. We especially liked their Raksha Bandhan combo that comes with a Rakhi and a Money pouch.
Check them out here: Craft Club

8. Photo Chocolate Truffles: Chocolates can never go wrong when it comes to adding sweetness to an occassion. How about adding some magic to the sibling’s favourite truffles by personalising them with their pictures? Nik’s Truffles can do it for you!
Check them out here: Nik’s Truffles




One thought on “Personalised, handmade Raksha Bandhan gifts / return gifts

  1. If she’s the kind who loves grand and big gifts, go for a tall arrangement of flowers. Customize the bouquet by selecting her favorite flowers. A four or five feet bouquet will impress her and make her happy for sure.


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